Tips To Reduce The Growth Of Ingrown Hair

Tips To Reduce The Growth Of Ingrown Hair

You might have observed small bumps on your skin which are often red as a pimple. These heap-like structures are not pimples though. So if you are treating it for a pimple then you have to stop right there.

Such bumps are known to be ingrown hair. When dead skin occurs at a particular area, then the follicles of hair if present on the same area tend to grow inwards. Thus the hair takes its roots under the skin along with itself. Although the matter is not serious, you may not like such marks on your skin. In rare cases the bumps can be painful making you uncomfortable.

This issue exists in both men and women. There are certain but may not be specific ways to reduce the growth of ingrown hair. This write up would definitely help you out.


Cleanse your skin:

The growth of ingrown hair has its roots in the formation of dead skin cells. So if you can stop such formation then the issue can be well mitigated. Hence after the day’s work get your face and skin cleansed properly. If there is no accumulation of dust and grime then the clogging will be opposed. Moreover cleansing helps in removing the dead skin cells. Therefore the ingrown hair can cease to develop.


Scrub your skin:

Ingrown hair can be really stubborn if the clogging has already taken its roots. Hence mere cleansing may not give hundred per cent help. Hence a gentle scrub would be required at that point. Regular exfoliation of the skin would reduce the formation of dead skin cells and thus the growth of ingrown hair is alleviated. Do not forget to moisturise the skin after scrubbing.


Use tweezers:

Well, when you shave your legs, you might have noticed small remaining of hair cuticles. Do not avoid these. These cuticles may take the shape of the ingrown hair if not taken action at that point. Keep a pair of tweezers with you. Whenever you shave the skin, try to remove the smaller hairs with the help of tweezers. Do it in a way like pricking the skin and removing the hair. The really deep hair would also come out. Remember to wet the skin with warm water before shaving up.


Suppress warm cloth:

Soak your wash cloth with warm water. Squeeze it properly. Suppress this cloth on the areas of ingrown hair. Such hair remains entrapped into the skin cells making a home of their own. So repeating this process would make the ingrown hair come up the surface and hence becomes easy to be removed.


Use depilatories:

Any professional dermatologist would suggest you the use of creams which assist in removal of hair. These are the depilatories which account for chemical ingredients helping in the removal of ingrown hair. They give a mild action on the dermis and gently remove the ingrown hair without causing any side effects. The redness and any other infections are totally on bay determining the removal of the unwanted hair.

In extreme cases one can go for laser treatment or better known as electrolysis. Electrolysis involves permanent removal of the ingrown hair as the hair follicles are totally destroyed. It is a kind of electrical epilation.

The lack of space prevents the growth of hair in the right direction. Hence it curls inwards and forces itself to grow there. Individuals with curly and frizzy hair are more liable to this condition. If this problem is sorted out then the hair can grow freely. Therefore make use of cream and body lotions to keep your skin pores open and keep them exfoliating. It is the major tip for the mitigation of ingrown hair.

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