Tips to protect your hair from humidity

Tips to protect your hair from humidity

In rainy season and humid season your hairy becomes fizzy and dry due to humidity. Rainy season is most happening season and everybody like this season but it also comes with some problems. These problems mainly related to hair like dandruff, hair fall, dry hair and fizzy hair. Do you want to get rid from these problems? Then read tips which are given below. These tips are simple and if follow then you definitely get gorgeous hair in this season.protect hair from humidity with using simple and effective idea.


  • Avoid rubbing of hair:- after washing your hair the main thing is that how can you dry your hair. Do not try to dry your hair by rubbing them with towel because it makes your hair more dry and rough. So that’s why it is must to use soft towel for drying your hair.


  • Use conditioners:- Conditioners are best option for your dry hair. If you have dry hair then it is must to use conditioners. You can apply it after washing your hair.


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  • You can also take benefits of styling products:- styling products like straightening machine that makes your hair silky in this season. But regularly use of it can damage your hair. So use conditioner after washing your hair for better use.


  • Shampoo: – Use shampoo that contains vitamins, oils, minerals and less sulphate. Use shampoo in proper amount because excess amount can make your hair dry. Use good quality shampoo that suits you.


  • Remove moisture: – it is not right to go out with wet hair because it attracts more dirt and makes your hair fizzy. First of all dry your hair before styling your hair.


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  • Choose right kind of brush: – Choose the right brush that is suitable to you. In wet hair always use wide brush and if you want that your ends curl then you want to use rounded brush.


  • Tied your hair with band before going out: – in humid days if you want to take care your hair then, tie your hair before going out. Or you can also use scarf to cover your hair because in humid days loose hair can easily damage.


  • Avoid use of heating products: – Looking good is not bad idea but over using of styling products to look good is bad idea. Always use heat protecting cream before using straightening machine and curler.


These are some basic tips that can work in protecting your hair from humid climate. You can try products that are suggested here and make looks great.


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