Tips For The Brides To Be: Eyes and Eyebrows

Tips For The Brides To Be: Eyes and Eyebrows

A good eye make is the most important thing that a bride should focus on. Because your eyes have the capability to hide all the makeup flaws perfectly. So if you are a bride to be then you need to give more attention to your eye makeup. As in your wedding you will definitely be in tears so eye makeup should be done keeping this in mind so that a little mistake cannot ruin your appearance. We are sharing useful tips for brides for amazing and attractive eyes and eyebrows.


Wonderful Tips For Bridal Eyes And Eyebrow Makeup:


Tips For Bridal Eyebrows Makeup–

  • Eyebrows are inseparable part of eyes that help to define the eyes. Don’t try to do experiments with your eyebrow shape especially when you are preparing for your wedding. Even a slight change can change your appearance. Before giving a shape to your eyebrows you should consider the shape of your face first of all.
  • Avoid to follow the trend of thinning the eyebrows as it is mostly outdated now. Keeping your eyebrows thick and groomed will be a perfect idea.
  • Confirm that your makeup artist is well-equipped with what is needed to give a perfect shape to your eyebrows. One thing you should do is to get your eyebrows groomed the day before your wedding. Because threading same day can lead to redness, irritation and more. So avoid such things to happen on your special day.



  • Fake bridal eyelashes can give you an excellent look on your wedding. You should use a good quality fake eyelash. And if you haven’t used it before then you should practice enough of putting these before your wedding so that you don’t have a feeling of discomfort.
  • If you don’t find the size and length of the eyelashes comfortable then you can crop those using appropriate scissors.


Bridal Eyeshadow Makeup–

  • Eyeshadow color should be choose carefully as a wrong selection can disappoint you in the end. Colors like gold or bronze are considered to be perfect for Indian brides. You can also go for dark peach shade as well.
  • If you are planning to wear a wedding gown then you should opt pink or orange shade as it will suit your outfits.


Bridal Eyeliner Makeup–

  • For small eyes it is better to line your eyes with thin line. Doing like this can promote big looks of your eyes.
  • For big eyes thicker lining on the top will work the best.


Eye Products To Choose–

  • Keep your eye makeup kit before several days. Also try your eye makeup the day before your wedding day.
  • Don’t pick up the products blindly. First consider your natural looks and choose the products on the basis of your skin tone, eye shape and more. Consult with a professional makeup artist.
  • If you are thinking to use colored lenses on your wedding then you should purchase them in advance at least before 1-2 months of your marriage. This is because you will definitely take this much time to get comfortable with lenses. As you need not to feel uneasy or uncomfortable on your special day.


Above all these things first thing is that you should prepare your makeup kit well In advance and should give a trial before your wedding day. This will help you to identify the flaws in your makeup earlier and you can be careful on your special day. Keep all these points in mind that we have shared with your and we are sure you will rock your wedding with your attractive and beautiful eyes. Keep reading for more useful beauty and health tips.

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