This Remarkable Diet can make you Lose 10 Pounds in just Three Weeks

This Remarkable Diet can make you Lose 10 Pounds in just Three Weeks

A Healthy Balanced Diet can help one to gain or lose weight. Numerous need search engines only to know how to lose kilos and pounds of weight. And they search for a complete diet plan to maintain the satisfied weight. A diet is always something to be very careful about. It figure outs your health and body shape completely.

Here is one such diet plan that will stick to your eating habit and reduce weight accordingly. Taking food trice a day is vital. What and How we intake is more vital than anything when you consider a diet. Low fat and Fiber plays a main role in reducing weight. So find out the fiber rich food items for those who really want to lose weight.


Break the Fast: Morning Food :

  1. Low Fat Milk and nuts :

Mothers always stand with a glass of tumbler of milk saying – Drink, at least a glass of milk. Yes, thumbs up to it. A glass of milk will give you energy and has the capacity to break your fast from the previous night. But, take low fat milk.

Have you ever sensed the disappearance of hunger after taking nuts? If not, try and follow. Nuts are energy rich and give you more fibers to reduce weight. Almond is a nut, isn’t it? It would be better taking milk with almond powder.


  1. Fruits with honey, whole grains and egg :

Always keep a fruit with your side. They are energy givers. Bananas are instant energizers. Apples can solve so many health related problems. Every fruit has its own health care list. So, keep close with fruits.

Honey, is a natural sweetener with enormous health benefits.

Whole grains are rich in fibers that act to reduce body weight.

Egg, rich in protein can give you energy as well as good to compete hunger.

Take a glass of juice with honey; take the whole grains aside with an egg. It will complete your starving from night to morning. or choose granula bars rich in stanols and sterols. That will help you reduce LDL cholesterol.


Lunch : Mid day meal

  1. Spinach is good for lunch. Green leafy vegetables are good mid-day servers. Cook or fry with healthy oil, and add tomato sauce to enrich the food. try a new recipe with green leaves that will induce you to take more leafy food items. They are rich in fiber adequate to lose weight.


  1. Choose beef with low calories to reduce and maintain weight. White bean with red grapes and cucumber might bring the desired result. Add smoked turkey as lunch with grains, cooked or toasted as your choice.


  1. Grass fed sirloin beef with minimum calories with red onion slices and romaine. Add non fat Greek yogurt with garlic. Now take it with your burger. It might help you in lowering calories and satisfy your lunch.


Evening Snack: End –day food :

  1. Almonds and nuts in roasted form and a fig with any one fruit at least will satisfy the evening hunger; help you in reducing weight.
  2. A cup of low fat milk or yogurt will also support in your weight reducing task.
  3. A mixture of nuts and fruits sourcing fiber and other important nutrients will help you in fulfilling your sense of taste and deed.


Night meal : Dinner :

  1. One best way is to take food with low fat. Take food that would digest easily.


Note : No need to starve, it may cause ulcers and reduce your strength instead of weight. Consult your nutritionist for guidance to become a healthy slimmer.


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