People how haven’t ever dyed their hair  ( in home or in salon) coloring their hair become very intimidating and for those people we are going to share some very effective tips and some experts views which definitely gone help for those who finding coloring a bit hectic process, Here in this content we are sharing some important aspects which is very necessary to know before you are going to colour your hair after all hair is an important feature of your face and your beauty.



  • FIRST CONSULT BEFORE BOOKING ACTUAL APPOINTMENT- If you are planning to book an appointment with hour hair experts regarding hair coloring then it’s important to consult according to your need and your demands before your actual important. It is very important to consult with your colourist in which you easily able to tell him your demand and exactly what you want, Actually hair coloring appointments take some time depending upon so many factors, So it’s better if you consult him before your actual appointment it makes easy for both yourself and for colorist to understand the look you want to decide which technique suits your hair best.


  • MAKE SURE ABOUT HOW OFTEN YOU WANTS TO COLOR YOUR HAIR BEFORE APPOINTMENT-It is also an important thing to decide that how often you are going to color hair, If you are not have sufficient time or you have some other plan and you are not going to root your hair in every three weeks then it’s better to clear this to your colorist, This help to your colorist to understand that how much color he will going to put in your hair which suits you for the first time, if the colorist knows your demand properly then only he will provide you better technique and right amount of color to your hair.


  • BEFORE APPOINTMENT DO PROPER REASERCH WHICH COLORIST YOU WANT TO GO- This also important aspects in regarding of your hair coloring that you do proper research about the colorist you want to meet, you can go with instagram pages because mostly today all colorist have their instagram pages in which they posts all important things along with before and after photos which helps you to choose colorist of your choice who suits for your demands.


  • BRING SOME PHOTOS OF WHATS YOUR CHOICE IS-It is also an helpful things for you as well for your colorist if you bring some photos of which look you want to have it is helpful for both of you about clear vision of your choice, and for those who are going to try hair coloring for first time it makes to understand about the coloring terminology and colorist easily tell him about the requirements of his or her choice.


  • DAY BEFORE APPLY HAIR MASK PROPERLY ALL OVER YOUR STRANDS BEFORE HAIR COLORING– This is also an helpful thing to apply hair mask on to your hair strands before day you are going to color your hair it helps your hair by hydrating and make your hair prepare to face the coloring process.


  • AVOID USING BOX COLOR-If you are coloring your hair for first time they do not go with box color it makes uneven hair color which is not suits you as well as your choice.


So guys these are really some effective an important things which you must know before you are going to color your hair ,Hope this content helps you if you are planning to color your hair and have some doubts about hair coloring after all hair is an important feture which enhance your appearance.

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