The Worst Eating Habits for Your Sleep

The Worst Eating Habits for Your Sleep

Are you suffering from sleeplessness or any other sleeping disorder? Then it might be due to the unhealthy or worst eating habits that you have. Our diet and other eating habits are concerned with every type of cycle of our body so if we are not taking care of our eating schedule, diet and other important things, it means we are bringing more disorders and ailments towards our body. Lack of sleep is one of those ailments that have direct connection with our eating habits. Here are the various bad eating habits that can ruin your sleep.


Early Dinner

Most of health conscious people have their dinner in the early hours of evening. If you are one of them and having your dinner around 5 or 6 PM then hunger may strike you during the sleeping hours which usually would be 10-11PM. Because as per the natural cycle our body start feeling appetite within 4-5 hours of gap. The striking hunger will not let you sleep at night properly. So if your routine includes early dinner then at least have some healthy snacks in the gap between your dinner and bed time. As per the nutritionists cheese and crackers are the ideal bed time snacks as this may help you have a sound sleep at night.


Late Afternoon Coffee

While working at home or at office you might feel the need of a cup of coffee during the late afternoon to keep yourself alert and attentive towards the remaining work hours. But this untimely coffee may create a sleeping problem for you. As our body needs at least 5-6 hours to process just half of the coffee and this may cause the problem of insomnia or nervousness. Most of the physicians recommend to skip the habit of having coffee in the afternoon for a better night sleep and rest.


Heavy Dinner

After struggling the whole day you might be feeling big appetite at night. If you use to have heavy diner at night then it might make you feel uncomfortable especially when you lay down immediately after having dinner. The body is supposed to walk, sit or stand after having meals as this helps to digest food faster. So heavy dinner might delay the digestion and you might feel uncomfortable thus resulting in lack of sleep and restlessness. So heavy dinner should be avoided.


Spicy Dinner

Spicy food is the first choice of most of the people. Having spicy food in the day time is ok. But when you make your dinner much spicy then this may cause heartburn and ingestion. This ingestion at the bed time may hinder your sleep. Thus it is recommended to avoid such spicy food at least in the dinner so that you may have a good night sleep.


Absence of Sleep Inducing Foods

Another cause of lack of sleep may be the absence of some sleep inducing fruits in your daily diet. The fruits like kiwi, bananas, tart cherry juices and more contain magnesium which is considered best compound for helping with sleep. All these fruits calm the mind and body thus helping you to relax and have a better night sleep. So add these fruits in your daily diet.


These are certain things that might prevent you from having a good night sleep. So follow the suggested tips and help your body to relax and sleep well at night. Because a sound 6-7 hours night sleep is crucial for us in order to stay healthy and away from various serious ailments that are caused due to Sleeplessness. Keep reading latest articles and keep having wonderful health tips regularly.

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