Basic Description For Carbohydrates :

One among the important nutrients, carbohydrates are fibres, starches and sugars present in food grains, milk products, fruits and vegetables.

Carbohydrates are part and parcel of our daily lives. The direct energy which we utilize for our day to day activities is from the carbohydrates. Every one of require a certain set of energy according to the age group to which we belong. Carbohydrates are both good as well as bad. If taken in adequate quantity and required quantity, it can boost the health. But if taken above the desired value, it can lead to obesity and other health disorders.

African and American women are prone to obesity due to their healthy and fatty healthy habits (presence of carbohydrates in their food). BMI also known as Body Mass Index is an indicator of the weight and health status of a human including both males and females. BMI is not perfect indicator as in case of American and African women as the health life style of black women are unhealthier than other parts of world. The phylogeny of the American and African women are susceptible of obesity due to more carbohydrates in their food.

Carbohydrate is directly linked to the weight of an individual. The intake of carbohydrates define the body structure of that individual. The weight control behavior is directly linked to the perception of body image. An obese person can convert his body shape according to his own will if it works on the principles laid down for attainment of good health. One needs to understand the basic weight control behaviors.


Are Carbohydrates Really Bad !!

Carbohydrates need not be termed as bad at all. They constitute an important part of our diet. It becomes important for all of us to know that if the quantity of carbohydrates in our daily diet is at par with the international standard as prescribed by the individual, life expectancy of an individual increases manifold.


Risk Of Carbohydrates Deficiency :

In case there is lack of carbohydrates in the body, first of all proteins are broken down and at last fats are utilized to meet the energy requirements of the body. It is very important to make it clear that for skinny individuals, carbohydrates are of utmost importance. Skinny individuals need to have strict diet plan with abundant carbohydrates, proteins and fats.


Quality Carbohydrates To Be Careful :

Its not that how much carbohydrate we are eating daily matters. It can be high or low. What really matters is the quality of carbohydrates we eat. Not just having a carbohydrate is all we need. Each have some different quality then others. So be careful while choosing the type of carbohydrates.


Conclusion :

It can be concluded that we all should take balanced food which has desired and adequate component of all important things which our body requires. The chemical composition of the body is very delicate and we often become ill due to our negligence in eating habits. Protein rich diets should not be taken frequently as it can directly affect the renal system of our body. Fats at the same time are good when in minimal amounts they act as energy source in time of crisis, but having abundant of them is really not cool. The western world is facing a serious problem of obesity, which showcase the ill eating habits of people living tree. Eastern world on the other side is still facing the basic problems of malnutrition and hunger. Need is to address both the problems at the same time.

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