The Meaning Behind The Symbol OM

The Meaning Behind The Symbol OM

Did you ever hear the OM? Are you curious to know about this word? yoga classes for iner peace  start and end by chanting the word OM. But it’s not the end there is a lot more thing about the OM and in Hindu culture it is alt more than a single word. It is believed that Om is the basic thing of universe and everything. According to Hindu religion the universe arose from the word Om. There are many other facts about Om; here you can find them all by reading this article, so let’s continue.


What does Om means?

According to Hindu culture Om is the greatest mantra among all mantras. A single Om refer to the whole universe which is quite amazing. From the ancient time it is well known by “rishi moni” and always chanting Om and remembers the god and goddess. Om created from the three sounds a-u-m( in Sanskrit u and a become o) and lets know its trinity:

A-Is the waking state

U- is the dream state

M- is the deep sleep


While chanting Om, there is a silence between two Om word and that silence refers to, Turiya. Om symbolize the lord Ganesha, let’s see how it can be same. The curves of Om represent lord ganesha if we concentrate on it. if you notice the upper curve of the Om, it represent the head or face of ganesha. Lower curve looks same as ganesha’s belly and the curve shows the trunk of Ganesha.


All you know is Om knows form ancient times and also discussed in Upnishads. It is also belived that Om is everything and in veda, puranas everything is mention there. Hindu, jain and bheddist are also chanting the word Om. Chanting Om is essential before and after of every mantras, meditation, and prayers.


Benefits of Om:-

  • Reducing stress:- want toget your mood I a rightway then the best and easy method is the Om. Chanting Om is the result of calm mind and improves the concentration power.. Stress increases the chances of many health related problem. but from the meditation you will really feel peaceful and energetic.


  • Let the negativity go away:- due to some reasons like watching, thinking, and feeling negativity comes into your lives die to which you feel low and other things. Chanting Om help to throw away the negativity and increases th peositivity which I essential in our lives.


  • Increases the concentration:- chanting om helps you to come ou from unwanted toughts,wich is the reason of stress, and if you include this in your schedule, it will definetly inporve concentration.


  • Good for heart and digestive system:- it improves the flow of blood in to body and maintains your blood pressure. While chanting om deep breathing and its sounds affects more to digestive system.


  • Throw away sleepless nights:- stress and busy schedule anr=e the main reason for sleepless nights. Chanting om helps to concentrate more and also help to get calm mind.


How to meditate with om?

After getting all above information, its time to know the proper way to meditate withom. Lets know it

  • Sit comfrtabley in a quite place for peaceful mind.
  • Do not stress to your muscles, just make them relax.
  • After that concentrate the area between the eyes, try to keep yor mind calm andstarting chanting om. Whicle chating think abour he universe from which om evolve. But don’t think abut your daily problems.
  • Also think about your breathing and take deep breathing which you can.
  • You canalos chant om while dong yoga and meditation.


Here you get many information about om but that’s not the end. Chanting om is a really best way to make your life more happy and focusing. It is little surprising give you new life, so just try it without thinking a lot about it,

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