The Master Cleanse Diet

The Master Cleanse Diet

Diet! A small word with a big query. What to eat? When to eat? How to eat? Including special cuisines for special functions or occasions is good but health must be your first priority.

The Master Cleanse Diet is also called as the Lemonade Diet, that is a Fruit Fast. The liquid juices help in healing the body and provide energy as well naturally. The diet form has been approved in 1940 and number of benefitted dieters report the diet as a successful one.

The Lemonade Diet has recorded the successful consistent demonstration of elimination and building ability. And the diet takes one to live free from diseases.


The Master Cleanse Diet or the Lemonade Diet :

Method of Juice preparation –

  • Take two tablespoons of Lemon juice.
  • Take two tablespoons of Rich Maple Syrup.
  • Add required amount of Cayenne Pepper Powder to taste as much as you can.
  • Add 250 ml of pure water.

Mix everything and stir, it becomes the target Lemonade Diet.


Procedure and Limitation of intake :

  • Start with a Salt Water Flush in the morning.


  • Drink 6 to 12 glasses of Lemonade every day, whenever you feel hungry. The more you drink, the more you get as of the caloric needs. It is to overcome the physical and psychological needs to intake food.


  • End the day by taking a laxative before going to bed.


  • Ease –In and Ease – Out are to be considered.


The Detox Diet :

This is called as the detox bowel movement. It cleanses the waste and toxins from the body which is good for the bowel movement.


For Weight Loss and Weight Gain :

  • The Master Cleanse is beyond any comparison. It gains weight and also loses weight.


  • To lose weight, less amount of the Master Cleanse Diet might put weight; it melts the fat away.


  • The dieter with extra fat would realize the fast, dramatic weight loss naturally.


  • To gain weight, intake of more number of glasses is vital; especially the malnourished ones might gain weight.


Benefits :

The regular intake of The Master Cleanse not less than 6 glasses a day will result in disease free healthy life. It energizes the body and maintains activeness; Relieves joint pains. It would give clarity before and after the diet process.


Juices are better than smoothies :

The fiber rich green smoothies and blend juices are beneficial. Both pulped and pulp free juices are gentler in digestive process that offers energy for the process of detoxification, cleansing, illness and regeneration.

To detoxify and regenerate the body, juice fast is recommended.


In general : Fasting Juice :

When fasting, it is good to avoid the solid food pieces; because the solid pieces will encourage digestion and tempts hunger. Taking low sugar juices are recommended. Most of the juices contain 100 to 500 calories with vitamins and minerals.


Cleansing Juice :

Consuming juice in empty stomach is recommended for cleansing. It will maximize the absorption. Fruit juices will be good for detoxication; good for morning intake. Vegetable juices are rich in alkaline and minerals which is good for afternoons and evenings.

Taking fresh fruit juices are admirable for cleansing and fasting.


Note : Before practicing any diet habits, it is must to consider your doctor’s advice. A perfect and planned diet can lead you to great success as healthy diet provides a healthy body and a healthy mind. Just don’t go for anything and everything what you come around. Be choosy and choose what is good for you and your health.

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