The Best Foods to Eat Before and After Your Workout

The Best Foods to Eat Before and After Your Workout

When its some to fitness we all have so many question in mind like what type of workout I will do how many time and what to eat after this time etc etc… we all want to know that how we work out and how we get the proper energy to reduce the calories faster. Some time people thinks that just do exercise and then eat meal when your feel hunger. But this is not a right way to get energy and to reduce the weight it’s important that we take proper diet before and after workout. Some people take a small diet after and before exercise thinking that they become fat again but it’s not true. To get the proper energy for exercise it’s important that we take proper diet after and before workout. Many people don’t know that which diet is best for before and after workout and what to eat. So don’t be confuse today we are going to tell you some very simple and fast made recipe to intake before and after your workout and that cant put your weight but make you fit and healthy.


So here the some simple and very effective food to eat before and after your exercise


Best Foods to Eat Before and After Your Workout:

  • Best Foods to Eat Before Workout:


Banana toast: banana is best food to eat before workout. Banana is best for immune system and stamina power. It may increase your energy level so if we take a banana with toast before over workout it may make you stronger and improve your power.


Greek yogurt: yogurt is so light food but full of energy. If you want more energy before workout then eat yogurt with some fruits and you can also eat flavored yogurt before going for workout.


Smoothies: smoothies are best option for before workout drink. It’s full of energy and with lots of veggies and fruits. So nest time when you wants to get energy drink before workout then drink smoothie.


Oatmeal: oatmeal is always a healthy option. Take one bowl of oatmeal with full of healthy fruits chopped into this and take this before workout for a power punch energy food.


Almond butter with apple: apple is good for healthy. It’s very light but full of energy and almond is also good for health so you can also take almond butter with apple.



  • Best Foods to Eat after Workout:


Chocolate milk: it’s time to get your energy back after a heavy workout so to get back this take chocolate milk shake. It may provide you energy and make you healthy also.


Tuna fish sandwich: we found so many healthy benefits in fish so after workout it’s a healthy food option. Eat a healthy tuna fish sandwich and get back your energy after workout.


Veggie omelet: veggies are healthy option for energy booster so when you want a better and healthy option after workout then try veggie omelet and try this you can also eat a avocado with this for more vitamin and mineral and for good energy.


Salmon with potato: in potato we found so much energy and after workout it’s a best food .eat some salmon with little stree potato and try this healthy food.


Veggies with garlic chicken: garlic chicken is full of healthy benefits and with different green veggie it becomes best. So after workout try this healthy combination of different green veggies and garlic chicken.


So these are some very healthy and best food option before and after your workout which provide you energy and healthy neutrino so next time try these foods after and before your workout and get healthy and fit body.

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