Teen hairstyle

Teen hairstyle

Teens have so good knowledge about style. The always follow new trade and fashion in every field. And also set some new trade for people. They also set some new trade and also build some old trade as new fashion. Teens always evolve styles to suit their tastes. The style of teen is always a new fashion and not only teen but youth also follow this trendy fashion style. There are so many different type of teen hair style is in a fashion today. Here is some trendy easy hair style for teen.


Different teen hair style: – there are so many different teen hair style is popular for regular look which is easy and attractive and stylish to. Here is some teen hair style.


  • Regular straight hair look with side swept flips:- it’s a simple and regular stylish hair style for teen.

How to get straight hair look:-

  • Start first with wash your hair.
  • Apply some hair lotion in hair.
  • Dry hair properly.
  • Apply hair straighter and set hair properly.




  • Curly hair look: – it’s a rolled hair look for teen style and trendy.

How to get curly hair look:-

  • Take hair roller.
  • Take one flicks of hair and rape it’s in roller.
  • Apply this process on all hair.
  • Rest for some time.
  • Blow dryer hair for perfect look.
  • Open the roller and get perfect roll of hair.
  • End with some hair gel to set hairstyle for last long.
  • You can also use hair roller machine.





  • High pony tail: – it’s a regular follow hair style of teen.

How to get high pony tail look:-

  • Comb hair properly.
  • Take band all hair together.
  • Take little bit high to collected hair.
  • Band with robber band.
  • When high pony is ready end with take when flicks from hair and rape it on rubber band properly set end with pins.





  • Side high pony tail: – side pony style is also a new and trendy style in youth.

 How to get high side pony tail look:-

  • Comb hair at one direction.
  • Collect all hair and take it little bit higher.
  • Band all hair with rubber band on one particular side.
  • After making this pony tail.
  • Take one flicks from hair and rape on band rubber band.
  • Finish with separate hair with barbi pins.





  • Wavy hair look: – it’s not properly curly hair but its look stylish.

 How to get wavy hair look:-

  • Apply some hair gel on hairs.
  • Softly crush your hair with pram and get little bit fizzy effect on hair.





  • Front braid hair band hair style: – it’s a unique stylish hair style for youth. The effect of this hair style looks like a trendy hair band.

 How to make hair band braid hair style:-

  • First start with divide hair in two parts.
  • Front and back.
  • Take back hair and for some time make a pony with that.
  • Comb front hair and start with a particular side (left/ right).
  • Divide hair in three parts and start normal braid and end it till reach another side.
  • Freely open of braid and give perfect look.
  • End with separate hair on back.





  • Side puff with side braid: – it’s a trendy look and stylish to for teen.

 How to make side puff side braid look:-

  • Start with comb hair properly.
  • Take some front hair give them bounce.
  • Separate bounce hair with barbi pins.
  • Take all back hair and set them on side and make simple braid with this hair.
  • Braid at the end of hair.
  • Separate with rubber band.




  • Bun: – it’s also a stylish trendy look and easy to carry all hairs.

 How to make hair bun:-

  • Comb hair first.
  • Make a simple pony tail.
  • Twist all hairs and separate with bun clips.
  • End with some spray gel.





  • Middle braid: – it’s also a unique and stylish hair style for teen.

 How to make middle braid:-

  • Take middle hairs and divide into three parts like normal regular braid.
  • And band front hairs in braid.
  • Separates with rubber band.





  • Twisted pony: – it’s a simple twist with pony.

 How to make twist pony tail:-

  • First comb your hair properly.
  • Make a lose pony.
  • Give twist from in from pony tail.
  • And twisted pony tail is ready.





  • One side braid: – it’s a front braided of one side crown pattern.

 How to make one side braid:-

  • Comb hair.
  • Take some front hair.
  • Divide in three part make simple three partition braid.
  • Fix with clips on back.



  • Front puff: – it’s a common and stylish trendy hair style of teen.

 How to make front puff:-

  • Comb hair first.
  • Take some front hair and give bounce of them with using spray gel
  • Separate with barbi pins and set them properly.
  • Give a particular good bounce on front hair.
  • End with spray some hair spray for last longer.



  • Messy braid: – it’s a very stylish and trendy look for youth.

 How to make messy braid:-

  • First comb hair and curly them using roller.
  • After curly hair apply some hair spray.
  • Make a water fall braid or simple braid.
  • Remember that the braid will be simple and loss for the texture of braid will little bit massy look.
  • End with rubber band.




  • Side braid with bangs: – it’s also a trendy stylish look for teens.

 How to make side braid with bangs:-

  • Start with cut front hair in bangs.
  • Take all back hair on one side and make braid with hair.
  • End with rubber band.
  • Apply some hair gel for last long.




These all hair styles are so stylish and popular in youth. It gives you every day new stylish hair for teen. It’s also easy to make these hair style for girls at home.


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