Surprising Ingredients in Your Skin Care Products

Surprising Ingredients in Your Skin Care Products

All the women across the world including you and me of course choose skin care and beauty products from top shelves of the market to get the best one that we can from our side ranging from creams, lotions, lipsticks, powders, foundation many more. While selecting any of your beauty products have you ever wondered what type of ingredients you products are made up of. I am sure you haven’t because I too never thought any such thing. You would be surprised after reading this article as I am going to explore all the facts about your beauty products to explore all the weird ingredients your skin product may consist of. So let’s see what this article says about your products.


Snail Mucus

Snail mucus is a group of protein got from the snail slime. This mucus is rich in amino acid and has great ability to hold the water on our skin. Thus keeping skin smoother, soft and hydrated. Due to such hydrating properties of snail mucus it is utilized in some of the beauty products to enrich the product with some hydrating properties. So can you imagine for how long you have been using snail mucus for your makeup.



Carmine is another awkward yet effective content prepared from crushed shells of insects that have been transformed because of chemical reactions over time. The carmine is used in most of the vibrant colored lipsticks to give an effective texture and color to them. Ahh!! This is really surprising.


Bee Venom

Bee Venom is a powerful ingredient that consists of at least eighteen pharmacological active particles that are rich in peptides and enzymes. All these rich ingredients are helpful in treating and preventing anti aging signs like wrinkles and fine lines. Various studies have shown that bee venom is highly effective in maintaining your skin youthfulness by eliminating various aging signs. Thus you can comfortably invest in beauty and makeup products that contain bee venom.


Fish Enzymes

Fish enzymes are effective in giving great exfoliation to the skin. Hence these enzymes are utilized in some of the exfoliating products like scrubs and all. As these has capability to keep skin smooth, soft and fresh.


Cultured Cells of Human Skin

Cultured human skin cells were first used to heal the wounds caused due to burns. But now these cells are also utilized in preparing a wide range of skin care products. Cultured cells of human consist of protein blends, growth factors and numerous other useful ingredients that are highly important for maintaining skin glow and health.


Shark Liver Oil

You might have heard about the commercially used product named squalene. Squalene is basically is made up of shark liver oil although it is naturally present in our own skin in the form of fat. Squalene helps to protect our skin from various damages. It also helps to create a protective layer on our skin thus this is utilized in making various moisturizers.


Wool Wax

Lanolin is the product that extracted or sourced from grease of wool. It is widely used in the beauty and makeup industry as it has great capability to sooth your dry skin and improve the chapping of skin. Wool wax or Lanolin are highly helpful in cold whether to give nourishing care to our skin while also helping to heal wounds.



Guana is bird’s poo. I am sure you would be feeling awkward. But yes this is also one of the surprising things used as ingredients in some of the beauty products. Guana consists of very important amino acids which are highly helpful in giving moisturizing effect on the human skin. Various our components of guana also help to brighten and soften the skin.


So these were some highly surprising ingredients that can be contained in your skin care products. You may find presence of all these ingredients as awkward but these are actual good for our beauty and that’s why these are included in the various makeup and beauty products.

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