Sugar skull make up

Sugar skull make up

If you are confused about the look for the Halloween then you can try the sugar skull make up. Sometimes you are confused about your look and do not decided last minute about the look then it is best option for you. Basically this look is inspired from Dia de Los Muertos (dead people). In this make up you got the look just like a skeleton at home without too much effort. This look gives you a remarkable look at the Halloween party.

Here we explain how we can get the complete skull look.


Eye makeup:- if you want to try this look then it is must to adopt the right way to make up your eyes.

1. Take your favourite concealer and apply it to your eyes. If you want long time make up then use branded concealer which does not harm your skin.

2. By using liner create large circles around your eyes, above the eyebrows and under your eyes, after creating circles filling these circles with the black colour paint.

3. After black colour now you can use blue colour eye shadow to completely cover your eyes. Remember that apply the eye shadow over the black colour under the eyes to make them real. Now you can use stones to decorate your eyes with stones and create flower or anything that you want.


Looks like a dead people:- now after completing eye makeup now it time to complete look like dead people which is must for the complete Halloween look.

1. First of all make your skin dirt free before applying a makeup; you can try this by using the cleanser for complete look.

2. But your skin does not completely clean by using cleanser, so it is must to use the scrub to deeply clean the skin and after that apply the moisturizer which hydrates your skin.

3. Now it’s time to use primer which is basic for every make up like for the lip, eye and face make up. Primer is like a base for long time make up.

4. For complete look of dead people you can also try the white base colour to moisturize your skin. You can apply this to your brush for evenly looking.

5. Now take black colour which makes you complete evil and apply it to your chin, chick, and nose. First make outline on the face with the black colour and after that fill it with same colour. You can design as your favourite look. You can also make spider’s web on the forehead for the different look.


Lips:- now after make up your lip you got the complete look of dead people.

1. Just like your face apply the primer on the lips to make them white.

2. If stitching effect is your favourite so you can try this. Take a black liquid liner and mark simple lines on your lips. It is not must to make straight lines so don’t think about it.

3. Now take two flowers and place them behind our ears for the skeleton style.

Now you sugar skull make up is complete without any problem, and you get your favourite evil look to scare people and surprise people from this.

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