Subway Food Items and Their Nutrition Facts

Subway Food Items and Their Nutrition Facts

Subway will be the world’s biggest and the majority loved Boat Sandwich meal sequence having in relation to 39, 000 retailers in above 99 countries. For the last twenty four many years, Subway provides functioned the planet having tasty subs. In addition to delectable sandwiches; Subway in addition provides tasty salads, cupcakes, puddings, as well as beverages. The best portion of Subway is that you can find the bread you want inside your sub, and you can in addition load that having vegetables as well as pickles of this decision – a submarine hoagie tailor-made to suit your needs.

If you are a Subway enthusiast including us, then you know about its menus inside of available without a doubt. Nevertheless simply how much are you aware around the eating routine details these foodstuffs? Being familiar with the particular nutritional value on the meal you eat certainly will improve the enjoyable of every mouthful. So this subway eating routine listing is perfect for a person that will help you along with your eating habits as well as calorie checking.

This Diet Facts Regarding Top Subway Diet Foodstuffs Are generally as follows:

  1. Tuna Subwoofer:

This Tuna Subwoofer can be a 6 in. Standard hoagie while using meal regarding 247g. This is between the prime beloved subs around the globe. It’s full of 482calories, forty five. 6g regarding glucose, as well as twenty six. 4 gary the gadget guy meats. It truly is 90% body fat free of charge.


  1. Fowl Pig Subwoofer:

With a mouth-watering combination of poultry as well as pork, the particular Fowl Pig Subwoofer is available in normal dimensions regarding 6 inches. Its meal is 222g. Fowl Pig sub is 98% body fat free of charge and offers 299 calorie consumption, 38. 2g glucose, as well as twenty-seven. 5g meats.


  1. Subway Golf club:

This Subway Golf club will be the state of the art hoagie to the brand name. With a standard dimensions regarding 6 inches, that common hoagie is always ever before favored by meal lovers. Its meal is three hundred gary the gadget guy and yes it includes 342 calorie consumption, 39. 9g glucose as well as thirty-one. 7g meats. It truly is 97% body fat free of charge.


  1. Veggie Delite Subwoofer:

Because label indicates, the particular Veggie Delite can be a very wholesome sub, rich in vegetables – the right decision for vegetarians. This kind of 6 in. Standard sub is 162g in meal. It truly is 99% body fat free of charge possesses 230 calorie consumption, 37. 7g glucose as well as 15. 8g regarding meats.


  1. Roasting Fowl Subwoofer:

This Roasting Fowl Subwoofer is an additional delectable as well as scrumptious sub through subway. Glorious 329 calorie consumption, that standard 6 in. hoagie is available in a meal regarding 232g. Furthermore, it includes 38. 6g glucose, 33. 9 gary the gadget guy meats and is 98% body fat free of charge – perfect for some sense of guilt free of charge uncontrolled ingesting!


  1. Subway Grilled Fowl & Little one Spinach Greens:

So that you enjoy salads? Providing towards the greens enthusiasts, the particular Subway Grilled Fowl & Little one Spinach Greens is among the healthiest salads close to. This subway eating routine details than it includes 130 calorie consumption; 10g carbohydrate supply possesses only 2g body fat. It truly is rich in vegetables, infant spinach as well as smoked poultry. Its standard meal is regarding 286g.


  1. Veggie Patty Subwoofer:

This Veggie Patty Subwoofer is an additional vegetarian sub and that is between the top 10 foods regarding Subway. With a meal regarding 266g, that wholesome option includes 441 calorie consumption, 62. 4 glucose as well as 21. 6g health proteins. This kind of scrumptious sub is 95% body fat free of charge as well as is available in normal 6 in. dimensions.


  1. Fowl Seekh Subwoofer:

Providing towards the Indian native taste, the particular Fowl Seekh sub is 94% body fat free of charge. Its wealthy tastes cause it to be an instantaneous much-loved for all those looking for a picnic in the jaws tastes. This kind of standard 6 in. sub has a meal regarding 236g. It’s full of 404 calorie consumption, 39. 7g glucose as well as 28. 2g meats.


  1. PaneerTikka Subwoofer:

For all your paneer enthusiasts available, the particular Paneer Tikka sub can be a vegetarian sub suited in case you enjoy as much as possible Indian native. With a standard 6 in. Dimensions, that ‘paneer-licious’ ticket has a meal regarding 236g. It’s full of 505 calorie consumption, forty five. 5g glucose as well as 25g health proteins. This excellent sub is 88% body fat free of charge.


  1. Aloo Patty Subwoofer:

This kind of sub attests which aloo will not similar body fat. This Aloo Patty Subwoofer is 96% body fat free of charge possesses 378 calorie consumption, fifty two. 9g glucose as well as 20. 4g meats.

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