Styles To Choose From Perming Your Hair

Styles To Choose From Perming Your Hair

Some hairstyles are always be in trend. People love fashion and always try to get a celebrity’s look. Some of them love straight hair while some others like different. These days celebrities look is widely affecting the lifestyles of people. We want to follow our favourite celebrities.

Permed hair style is also one of them. Sometimes you would feel very bore by looking your traditional hair style and always think to try some thing new and fashionable. You like to go to salon to get some extraordinary hairstyles. Permed hair now a days going very popular. Even people with naturally straight hair are also trying this. It looks very cool. If you don’t like to spend a lot of hour for heating hair treatments, then perming your hair is best option for this. It not only gives you an awesome look but also make you trending.

Permed hair or permanent wave involve a process in which some cross links are created between your hair strands using some chemicals. These chemicals may take 2 or 3 days to set on your hair and give you a fantastic look. But you have to be very careful after perming your hair, as it is very sensitive of heat and it may spoil your desired shape of hair.

No doubt, perming is a nice hair style but it should always keep in mind that every hairstyle does not suit on every face, or in other words before getting permed it is better to know that which permed hair style will suit on your face type. Today, in this article i am going to tell you about varieties of hairstyles that actually suit on your face type.

There are some of best permed hair styles which you can choose according to your choice.


Some attractive perm hairstyles according to your face :-

  1. Body perm hairstyle:

This type of hair style suits on a woman who have square cut face. But it looks very cool for other faces too. Body perms has light waves with huge curls from your roots to end. If you would like to enhance some volume rather than your straight hair, then this is a perfect hairstyle. Main advantage of having this perm that you can manage your hair with a blow dryer.


  1. Curls with short:-

That hair style increase your volume and bounce to every root of hair by providing a stunning look. It is normally preferred to those who like to have short hair. It also slightly increase your waves.


  1. Spiral perm:

This hair style is specially designed for those  which have oval or round face type. If you want to look like a pigmy then this will best suit for you. It gives you a fabulous look with lot of spirals.


  1. Stack perm:

Wanna adding some volume without perming to your hair?  If yes, then it is the time to have stack perms. It is very nice hairstyle that suit on every face type. This perms give curl only to the lower end of hair leaving behind the roots. This is a mix up of simple and permed hairstyle.


  1. Volume enhancing perm :

If you want to add some extra volume then i should recommend you to go for this perm. It prevents the enclosed and springy curls and provide some deep and thick curls. It looks very beautiful and very trending these days. It is perfect for all face types.


  1. Pin curls:

Pin curls are made by specially with the use of pins or curls. It provides your hair very tight curls. However its size can be maintained by resizing the curlers. But this perm do not stand for a long time especially for those who has long hair. But for medium and short hair it is a good option.

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