Stillman diet plan

Stillman diet plan

Stillman diet plan is a plan to lose weight, in this plan high protein, low carb, and low fat meals are included. If you want to lose weight then it is best to follow the stillman diet plan, in this diet plan high protein diet is include in your diet plan which helps to lose weight. This diet plan was designed by Dr. Irwin Maxwell Stillman who helps people to lose weight by this diet plan. There are also some restrictions in diet plan, but it is the fast way to lose weight.


What is stillman diet plan?

Normally people take three large meals in a day, but it is not right in this diet plan we recommended six large meals. The diet program will encounter ketosis process in your body. If your body does not get the proper amount of carbohydrates, your body enter enters into another phase of ketosis. We know carbohydrate is the main source of energy of the body. Due to absence of carbohydrates body starts feeding fat stocks that are stored into the body to get the energy and that are the reason of weight loss.

In this diet we describe the low carbohydrate and high protein which usually best option and does not makes you body loss of energy. If you take vitamins in place of protein then it will not enough for you but for protein it does not do that.


Phases for stillman diet plan:-

Stillman diet plan is a kind of diet plan that work in three phases.

• When we are on first step it few kind of foods are allowed that you can eat, so follow that rule strictly.

• In this step the food that are prohibited in first step are now add to your list slowly one by one.

By maintaining your diet you definitely got the slim and beautiful body. But after some time if you find to gaining weight then you can again move back to first step to maintaining your body.


Food items for stillman diet plan:-

In this diet plan you only want to eat protein rich food not any other thing, it is little tough but best for losing weight. Food you should include in your diet are meat, hard and soft boiled eggs, low-fat cheese like cottage cheese, pot cheese, farmers cheese, low calorie gelatine, lean fish such as haddock, flounder, cod, and seafood such as oysters, shrimps, lobsters, crabs, etc. in your diet. These all foods are rich in protein and make you fit and healthy.

It is also recommended too drinking ample water in a day to hydrate your body. In this diet low carb is recommended which makes your body dehydrated, so drink eight to ten glass of water daily and also take tea, coffee, add diet soda sometimes.


Restricted food items:-

Fatty foods:- foods like poultry with dense skin, margarine, whole-fat dairy products, grease, fried foods, tartar, gravy, sauce etc. Are not allowed in this diet plan.

Sugar:- we know about sugar it increases fat in your body, so avoid sugar from your diet. But you can take brown sugar, white sugar, molasses, natural sugar, corn syrup, cane syrup etc., other refined sugars such as fruit juices, fruits, candy sugar, sweet desserts, syrup sweetening drinks etc. To your diet plan.

Starchy food:- foods that are rich in starch are not allowed like pasta, white bread, barley, whole wheat, dried potatoes, legumes etc.

Fruits and vegetables:- This is different from other diet plan fruits and vegetables are also not allowed in this plan.

These are few food items that are not allowed in this plan. This diet plan is different from others but very effective for weight loss. So try this diet plan and get benefits of it.

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