Step to wash hair with shampoo

Step to wash hair with shampoo

We all wants  beautiful hair which is a beauty charm for all but due to pollution and chemical we goes helpless and the problem of hair as it is. Hair care is also depends how we use hair products to treat hair some time we treat hair so harshly so we follow so many hair problem and make hair dull and dumb. So it’s important that we care hair allot and make hair smooth shine and strong. If we want to care hair then it’s must that we clean it properly and make hair strong and healthy. Because when w go for day out than over hair become so dull and with full of dust so it’s must that we care hair and treat then gently. It’s also a way to clean hair to make hair healthy and strong. There is some simple way to clean hair properly.


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Step to wash hair with shampoo:-

  • Step1–first start with soaking hair with water its must because if hair are not socked properly the shampoo cant spared in this equally so always sock hair properly.
  • Step 2–to increase the hair growth massage on hair gently in circular motion it will increase the blood circulation of hair and make them thicker. So massage hair and scalp gently.
  • Step 3–the take shampoo and apply on hair it’s a simple trick but remember that don’t use to much shampoo it will harm your hair and make them dry and fizzy. So take little bit shampoo and mix some amount of water in this and mix it well and apply on hair and massage for some time then rest for 2 min and rinse out.


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  • Step 4–it’s important that we wash hair properly because if shampoo stay on hair then it will make hair dry and dull and give so many hair problem and make hair fizzy so it’s must that we wash hair properly after apply shampoo on hair.
  • Step 5–wash the shampoo from hair gently and then apply conditioner on hair evenly. Remember that properly apply conditioner on hair from head to toe and cover all the hair with conditioner. Conditioner works well on dull dumb and fizzy hair and give moisturizer and make hair shine.
  • Step 6–rest for 2 min after applying conditioner on hair till hair observe all the moisturizer and then rinse out hair with water properly. It will also add bounce and shine to hair also.
  • Step 7–not rub dry towel in wet hair it will make hair rough and damage them so always avoid to do this with hair.
  • Step 8–to dry hair faster uses a blow dryer and of dry hair naturally it will helps you to protect hair from spelt ends and breakages.
  • Step 9–after dry hair style hair as you wants.




If we follow these simple step to follow these step then we can make hair shine and beautiful or healthy for last long and also avoid the problem of hair fall.

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