Sports Nutrition Chart – What to include in your chart?

Sports Nutrition Chart – What to include in your chart?

What Is Nutrition?

Nutrition is the energy of food that maintains our health and beauty.

Food is one of the primary things in our life. It gives us the energy to sustain all day and carry all day activities with all vigour and excitement. So it’s very important that one’s diet need to have all those ingredients to sustain one’s day. Considering an athlete it becomes all important to give utmost importance to the diet along with his exercises. Having the right kind of food and doing proper workout can be the ultimate factor which determines the success of an athlete.

Let’s have a look at the most similar and entry-level nutrition chart which can be followed by any athlete or sports-person starting from an entry-level athlete to world champion. The nutrition chart can be further enhanced and improved upon depending upon the specific requirements of the athlete and the type of sport he pursues.

The most appropriate calorie intake for a sportsperson involved in physical sports is about 2000 calories. The division for various nutrients are as follows:-

  1. 60% of the calorie intake should consist of carbohydrate rich foods which is the prime source of energy.
  2. 15-20% of calorie intake should consist of protein rich food which helps in repairing the wounds and re-building of new cells/
  3. 20-25% of calorie intake should consist of fats. Fats are as much necessary to our body as every other nutrient. However, excess of it should be avoided.
  4. Water- Not a nutrient and doesn’t have any calorific value, drinking water is as much important. A well-hydrated body has balanced level of osmotic pressure in the body.


Proteins :

They are the main repairmen of the body. They assist in repairing the damaged cells and produce cell formation agents. The main sources of protein rich foods are as follows:

  1. Dairy products- Milk, yoghurt, cheese
  2. Non-veg food- Meat, fish
  3. Lots and lots of vegetables and fruits.


Carbohydrates :

This is the fuel source of the body. All the main energy in the body is produced from the carbohydrate rich foods. Hence its very necessary to have a good intake of carbohydrates for providing appropriate energy to the body.

Sources of carbohydrates are:-

Whole grains, bread, cereal, pasta and even some vegetables like potatoes


Fats :

Coaches refrain from excess consumption of fat as it reduces the agility and swiftness of an athlete. However many essential fats are required by the body. Besides body turns out to the fat reserves in our body when the carbohydrate in depleted in the body. Hence its necessary to consume some fats in required amounts.


Sources of fats :

All types of dairy products, meat, fish and cod liver oil are good resource of fats.

Water intake should be maintained for keeping the body properly hydrated. Combining it with some glucose will give instant energy boost during intense periods of training.


Some other important nutrients are :

Iron – Iron rich foods increase blood flow and increased sustainability. Apples are good sources of iron.

Calcium – For better strength of bones. All dairy products are good sources of calcium.


Summary :

The food lovers often do not care about the nutritional value of the food which is wrong. If you want to beautify your skin and want to live healthier then you have to be careful about your eating habits.

Follow the abovementioned ideas and diet chart to be healthy and beautiful. Choose your favorite cuisines but also be careful for the nutritional value they have.

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