Simple Winter Care Tips For Oily Skin

Simple Winter Care Tips For Oily Skin

Oily skin can always pose a challenge. In summer, it may bring you to a halt requiring extra care while in winter it needs little adjustment. Usually the skin becomes dry in the winter but that does not imply the glands stop secreting extra sebum. The chill breeze may keep you high in your imagination but on the other hand it might affect your oily skin.

Simple follow up must be maintained to avoid the dull look of the skin. Let us focus on some tips for taking care of oily skin in winter.


Moisturise your skin:

Have a regular practice of using a moisturiser even in winter. Your moisturiser must be oil free. Oily skin needs vitamin E. Hence use a moisturiser with vitamin E as the main component. A routine of using moisturiser will keep the oil content in your skin balanced. For oily skin moisturisers are available in gel or lotions. A water based moisturiser is preferable for such skin.


Wash your face:

For oily skin it is suggested to use a creamy face wash. Such face wash do not make your skin dry. Wash your face daily at least two times so that your face remains cleansed and protected. Regular wash diminishes the oil secretion giving a healthier look to the skin.


Remove the dead cells:

Excess secretion of oil clogs the pores of the skin where impurities get accumulated. In such condition if dryness persists then the skin layer breaks out resulting in dead cells. Hence the dead cells must be removed by scrubbing the skin at least twice a week. Make sure you are giving a smooth scrub to your skin. Otherwise the natural moisture of the skin will be lost. You can use various exfoliating products as per the suitability of your skin.


Avoid soap:

Soap scratches every little drop of moisture from the skin if used in the winter. Instead of soap use a good body wash or shower gel. This would keep the moisture of the skin intact. If the skin becomes deviated of moisture then the oil extracts would create difficulty for the skin cells to breathe. This would result in loss of natural glow of the skin.


Use tea tree oil:

Use few drops of tea tree oil while bathing. Often we use warm water in winter to bath. Actually the warm water kills the moisture and dries out the skin. So to replenish the moisture, tea tree oil is the best option. This oil balances the moisture content of the skin and draws smooth skin.


Use oil free products:

Usually it is not possible to go out partying without make up. But using make up on oily skin can make the skin even drier. Hence water based or oil free make up products should be used. Natural oil is generally not good for oily skin. Therefore, products giving matte effect should be used for a better finish having no side effects. Matte effect finish also stays for a longer period.


Drink water:

It is a common advice that people get bored of hearing repeatedly. But the fact is it is most vital and productive too. Staying hydrated kills the bacteria resulted from accumulated impurities and removes the toxins from the open pores of the skin. It is a mandate thing to drink at least ten glasses daily.


Whatever you do, you must tag along the three most important steps such as cleansing, toning and moisturising. The combination of these three can help you protect your skin and maintaining a healthy radiance in winter. So, strike to the above and go out enjoying the cool and soft waves of breeze with confidence. Have a glorious winter!!!

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