Simple Ways to Treat Whiteheads

Simple Ways to Treat Whiteheads

We all love over skin and care to. We all love clear beautiful white and gentle skin and for that we take care over skin to much but some time we seen that after too much care we seen some white heads on face. White heads make skin look less beautiful and also harm your skin. We face this problem when over skin get in contact with dust and pollution and then we face the problem of white heads. White heads mainly stay in over skin and it will increase when skin pores get in closer with dust and it’s too hard to remove these white heads from skin so today we are going to give you some simple and effective ideas to treat the problem of whiteheads which not only remove white heads but also make your skin beautiful and glowing.


Remedies to treat Whiteheads:

Whiteheads are dead skin cells which grow in pores and the condition called whitehead.


Wash face: to avoid the problem of whitehead you can wash your face twice and three in a day with using lukewarm water and it will make you face glowing and reduce the problem of whiteheads.


Clay mask: clay mask and all different type of mask are best for skin. It will remove the dead skin from face and make skin clear and remove all the whiteheads from skin for best mask baking soda and water mixture is best and makes thick paste of this and applies this on face. It will remove the problem of whitehead.


Steam: it’s also a best and simple method to remove the problem of whitehead. Face stem with hot water will open your skin pores and all the whiteheads from skin and also make your skin soft and smooth.


Lemon juice: we found rich amount of alpha hydroxyl acid in lemon and it’s also a good source of vitamin C which is very good for skin. We also found astringent property in lemon which helps to control excess oil problem. To apply this take one lemon and squeeze it and take the juice of this and mix some droop of water into this and apply this lemon juice on face using cotton ball and after 15 min wash your face with cold water and it will remove the problem of whiteheads from skin.


Scrub (sugar scrub): to remove dead skin cells from skin scrub is best. And it’s too easy to make homemade scrub at home with using sugar. For that just take one tbsp of sugar and mix little bit of honey in this and apply this mixture on skin and rub gently after some time wash your face it will remove all the dead skin cells and white heads from skin and make skin glowing and smooth.


Honey: we found many type of effective benefits in honey which are good for skin, we found antibacterial property in honey which is very good for skin and remove whiteheads from skin. To remove whiteheads and blackheads from skin just take honey and directly apply this on face and massage for some time and remember don’t mix anything in honey just apply this alone and rest for 10 to 15 min and after that rinse out your face.


Open your pores: to remove whiteheads from skin gently take a cotton ball and dip into warm water squeeze  it and apply on effected area and then rest for second and again repect this process after some time your pores will open and you can easily remove the whitehead from skin.


These are some simple and very effective tricks to remove whiteheads from skin and make your face glowing and remove the all skin problem.

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