Simple Ways To Remove Pimples Overnight

Simple Ways To Remove Pimples Overnight

Nowadays we guys think having Pimple is like getting smudge in our beauty, somewhere may be its true. Actually we think very much about it but do nothing. Because somewhere in our mind it fixed that it will gone automatically after some time, but it’s a never ending process. It comes again n again and specially those days when we want to look adorable.   But now this is the time to be happy because redemption from this problem is not to difficult. Actually its quit easy and you can remove pimple overnight.
yes! Now i’m going to share some awesome ways to get rid pimples in overnight. You know that most of things you required to clear pimple on face, you may find it at home. Like


  • Always clean you face. Protect your skin from pollution and sun rays with cotton cloth cover or scarf. If you get pimple then never scrub it or Rub it. Do not touch your face again n again. Do not pop up pimples with nails.


  • Neem Leafs: Neem is anti- bacterial. it has strong properties to remove pimple, acne and its scars from roots. You can use it many types.
  1. Take lots of Neem leafs and boil it in water. use this water for face wash or bathing. it can remove not only pimple but also it gives you relief from all body insalubrity. If you will 2-3 times in a week from this water you never get any Skin diseases.


  1. Neem face mask: it is very easy to make. Just have some Neem leafs, leave it for getting dry. After that crush it and mix it with some Multani mitti and honey. Apply it on face. It can rid your pimples overnight. And gives you flawless skin. Neem is a anti-bacterial tree, its leafs is so helpful for blood purification. if you eat daily 8-10 Neem leafs you never get pimples because it work to pure your blood internally and then you look more beautiful.


  • Lemon-Rose-Papaya face pack: this combination is super effective for pimples. If you get so much redness or blackness or if you get simple pimples because of sunburn you do not need to worry just apply this face mask and leave all the worries. Take 2 tea spoon lemon juice (it’s for remove oil and clean dust from your face), some Rose leafs and papaya as you required, mix all the stuff and apply on face. This can be more effective if you do it before sleep.


  • Tomato:Tomato is also a good option to remove pimple overnight. Take a tomato and cut it. Rub the slice on you face 5-10 minutes and leave it like that. After dry face wash it off. It is not only helpful to remove pimples but also can vanish scars and freckles too.


  • Baking soda: Baking soda has the power to stimulates the growth of skin cells. It can remove dead cell and gives you such a smooth pimple free skin. it’sa anti-bacterial so it can be clean you face all the time. Apply Baking soda with water. make a paste and put it on pimples. Leave it until it can get dry then wash it off with will get better result.


  • Green Tea: you will buy it easily in any food store. Drink green tea regularly is gives you internally immunity. For rid pimples take 2 tea spoon of green tea and boil it on half glass of water. Leave it for getting cool. Take a cotton boll and dip in to the water and apply on face. Leave it for whole night. Next day wash it off.


  • Some other suggestions: take always balanced diet. Never eat anything to oily and too spice. Avoid fast food, smoking and drinking. Never use others beauty products and cloths. Be clean.

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