Sometime after dye or coloring your hair you find yourself bit unhappy with the way your hair looks after coloring or dye your hair and you are dying to remove this dye or color from hair without using bleach because you are not able to get the appearance what you want before coloring your hair. So if you guys are also facing same problem then this content gonna help you so very much because in this content we are going to tell you some very easy and effective simple ways which helps you in removing of hair dye/color from your hair .


Some simple ways to remove hair dye/color from your hair

  • USE DETERGENT OR WASHING POWDER- If you are facing problem with dye or you dyed your hair black much darker than your expectation then use detergent or washing powder which helps you in getting dirty blonde within 4 to 5 wash and there is no need of using any type of bleaching agent, simple washing works wonders for you.


  • USE VINEGAR- For staying longer on your hair mostly dyes meant with such formulae’s though they easily handle alkaline substances like soaps and shampoos , but if you are using vinegar for removing hair dye from your hair then acidity of vinegar will helps effectively in removing of dyes.You just have to need mix some amount of vinegar with 1 cap of oil and mix them well and after mixing both the ingredient well and after this apply this mixture on to your hair and leave it for little time it helps you in bringing a lot of color out from your hair and after that wash your hair properly it really works and repeat this process how many times you would like according to your choice.


  • USE BAKING SODA AND DANDRUFF SHAMPOO- Both baking soda and dandruff shampoo works wonderfully regarding removing hair dye/color from your hair. Dandruff shampoo is quite more effective than the normal one so as Baking soda works effectively then of Baking powder , And for best result mix both the ingredient well and make a smooth paste and apply this paste on your hair then wash your hair properly. You can apply this according to your necessity.


  • USE LEMON-Again we are going to suggest one effective natural ingredient lemon which helps you in removing, You just need to wash as you always use to do and while washing your hair leave the lather sit for few minutes and then add lemon juice in it and avoid rinsing let lemon juice doing its works for few minutes and then wash your hair properly .This method is natural as well organic so you can repeat this method according to your necessity.


  • USE HOT OIL- Hot Oil helps you in stripping away the unwanted amount of dye from your hair what you never wants in your hair but make sure before you gonna use oil in your hair wash your hair  properly and after this a bit warm oil apply on to your hair properly from roots to tip of your hair  and after applying oil properly you just need to wrap your hair with towel and leave it about for one hour and then wash your hair until oil come out from your oil and then shampoo your hair and after this apply conditioner.


So friends these are some very easy as well effective ways  which is very easy to perform and safe having no fear of any kind of side effect which really gonna help you effectively in removing hair dye/ hair color from your hair.


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