Simple Ways To Lower Bad Cholesterol

Simple Ways To Lower Bad Cholesterol

The Silent Killer: Cholesterol

Are you a food lover? Do you enjoy eating different cuisines? Making a smart choice for the food you want to eat is not really that tough. A good selection for your diet can give you good health but at the same time bad choice can promote fat tissues in your body. Worried about high cholesterol? What if you know some awesome ideas of eating fat and at the same time keeping your cholesterol under control.

With this article here all your worries shall be put to rest as we here will give you complete information about cholesterol, their requirement in your life and how to lower it.


Introduction: What Is Cholesterol?

Making cholesterol simpler to understand you can say it is a fat content in your blood. It is a fat in the form of waxy substance present in the cell and is present in all the body cell.

Cholesterol is a package flowing in your blood stream known as lipoproteins. Cell membrane contains an important constituent of cholesterol but can lead to atherosclerosis if its concentration is high in the blood.


What Is Cholesterol Used For?

Without getting mix with water cholesterol is used for various body functions. The liver in your body makes cholesterol that is used for building vitamins and various other crucial hormones.

Cholesterol is required by skin, brain and many other organs to grow healthier. Cholesterol is also needed by the body to digest your food and also to generate Vitamin D and hormones in your body.


Types of Cholesterol

Now you know what does the cholesterol means. It is a like a white crystalline like fat formed inside the body that is carried throughout the body in the form of lipoproteins bundles. Lipoproteins are the fat transfer of the body. But do you know cholesterol also have their different types.

Cholesterol are of two types namely:

  • LPL (Low Density Lipoproteins): Cholesterol with lower content of lipoproteins. They are considered as “bad cholesterol” as they increases the rates of atherosclerosis in your body.


  • HPL (High Density Lipoproteins): The “good cholesterol” of your body that reduces the rate of risk for heart disease. HDL also removes bad cholesterol of your body and increases your bloodstream. It sends extra cholesterol from your body to lever for repurposing.


Is Cholesterol Really Bad?

Many of you consider cholesterol as a bad element for your body. However it isn’t that true. Cholesterol is an essential fat component for your body which do not mix with the blood stream and flow in the body cells wherever the protein is needed.


Why Is The “Bad Cholesterol” – LDL Bad?

Cholesterol are produced in the liver as well as may come from the food you eat. Low Density Lipoproteins surrounding cholesterol center and made up of lipoproteins outer rim.

Higher level of LDL can raise to following health issues:

  • LDL can cause blockages at the walls of your blood vessels as it gets collected there.
  • Heart attack is unpredictable but increased levels of cholesterol can raise risk of heart issues due to blood clots.
  • Chest pain
  • Jaw pain
  • Bloody stools
  • Gallstones
  • Blockage in brain

And many more such health problems can be raised due to higher levels of LDL.


How To Cut LDL Levels :

Its always advised by the doctors to “check your cholesterol”long with a healthy diet exercises helps to lower your cholesterol levels.

To lower it even more go through the following:

  • Add soluble fibers to your diet
  • Aerobic exercises on regular basis will also lower your cholesterol levels
  • Reduce your weight
  • Include proteins in your diet
  • Choose olive oil for cooking
  • Instead of pills some drugs are available in the market to reduce cholesterol. Try them.



Other then the all above follow your doctors advice and work out regular with a healthy diet.

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