Simple Ways To Apply Red Lipstick Perfectly

Simple Ways To Apply Red Lipstick Perfectly

Among all the lipstick shades red color is shade loved by most of the women. And why not, red lips truly look iconic in women. Perfect red pout reflect the power and boldness of a women. Nothing looks as sexier in a women than a perfectly applied red lipstick. A red lipstick can suit any of the skin tones giving all our white and dark beauties lovely looking smile. But how much a red lipstick will suit you, depends upon the perfectness of your lipstick application. Sometime slight flaws while applying lipstick can make our lips look weird and unattractive. So it is crucial to learn the art of applying a red lipstick perfectly. We are providing you a complete guide of perfect red lipstick application so that you can have flawless red lips anytime.


Step By Step Guide To Apply Red Lipstick Perfectly:


Exfoliate Lips

First step is to get your lips ready for a flawless makeup. Flawless lip makeup can only be achieved if your lips are free from flakes and dead cells. So to eliminate dead cells and flakes you need to exfoliate your lips. For this take any homemade scrub like sugar honey scrub and rub your lips gently. Scrubbing will help to make lips look fresh and smooth. It will leave a soft canvas behind that will wear makeup perfectly. You can also exfoliate using toothbrush or rough towel.



After exfoliation our lips get dry so it is necessary to apply appropriate lip balm to the lips for making them silky, smooth and soft. Lip balm will also let your lipstick and lip liner get applied more evenly to your lips. As you need to apply lipstick after lip balm so you should choose waxy lip balm rather than oily so that you don’t have any oily residue left behind. Leave you lip balm for a few minutes before applying lip liner or lipstick. Just before applying lip liner make sure that there is no oily or lip balm residue on your lips. If so wipe out with soft cotton or makeup removal pads.



Apply a good quality foundation to your lips. Foundation is very good in case if you have fine lines and creases on your lips. This can help to hide fine lines making lips smooth and crackles. It will also help your lipstick last for longer time.


Lip Liner

Now line your lips with a sharpened lip liner pencil. Make sure that your lip liner color matches the exact shade of your red lipstick. Lip liner gives a boundary to your lips and also prevents smudging of lipstick. A wisely selected lip liner will help to deepen the color of your lipstick thus making your lips look more beautiful.



Finally apply your favorite red lipstick to your lips gently. You can also make use of brush as brush provides a perfect control and grip while applying. Apply lipstick within your lip lining. Start from center of your lips and move to the corners.


Lip Gloss

If you want some shine and gloss on your bold red lipstick then you can apply lip gloss over your lipstick. This will add attractive shine and gloss to your lips thus further intensifying your red pout. But this is an option step based on your desire.



Blot your lipstick by pressing it between lips. Blotting will help to remove excessive lipstick of your lips thus finally giving you perfectly finished red pout.


If you find lipstick in the outer edges of your lips outside your lip lining then hide it using concealer. Thus you can have perfectly applied red lipstick quite easily.

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