Simple tricks to get Glowing skin in summer

Simple tricks to get Glowing skin in summer

In summer time when UV level of sun rays are at it’s best the sun expos ure during these killer ray really feel very uncomfortable. Long ultraviolet exposure also Couse fatal disease like skin cancer and also cause premature aging of the skin, wrinkles, dryness and dark spots.

So in this season you have to need a little more wincers to take care of your skin and try to block these harmful sun rays during the day when you are outside. Even cloudy days these rays rays are equal dangerous & harmful though there sun rays can penetrate early light , fog and mist so there is no do what about the major sun damage is happens in summer months. Tricks to survive your skin in summer …


  • Sunscreen : as you know sun burn and skin cancer are two major threat, during summer in sun exposure. So it is better we use sunscreen which nowadays available in gets ,wax and lotion. Sunscreen is recommended as highly defence against sun burn. It depended upon person to person but is you prefer protect with higher SPF is more effective .apply sunscreen before 15-30 min. going outside rub it properly.


  • Proper clothing : over exposure of body parts are dangerous in this season , so proper clothing also errential in this season . make sure your choths are full proof way of shield your body again skin damage and make sure body should cover properly and avoid wearing tight fitting clothes which are effect to breath properly and block. Free circulation or epidermal layer.


  • Lip balm :in our whole body Lips are the most softer and sensitive part and expect face it get dry faster infect 20% faster because lips have no water it own. The crackled, peeling lips are not help by applying lip balm or jelly these condition can be the earliest sighs of development of skin cancer , so it is important to protect your lip also by applying lip protection every 2-3 hr. it is depends on amount of contect with those dangerous UV rays you are in.


  • Sunglasses : whenever you go outside and comes contect with sun , it will definitely effect something on your skin, eyes are the another sensitive part of our outer body. We have to protect it with sun rays and pollutions. And sunglasses is the best option for that.
    avoiding this care you will suffer lot’s of eye and skin disseises like have burn skin over there and getting red eye or infections.


  • Cosmetics : make up also protect though it coat your face and help in blocking UV rays, quality make up powder , eye shadows, foundations are have better sun protection quality.


  • Water : we all have one same problem, when we are outside at home we avoid drink water because of the common reason, but here we all are doing wrong. Water is as necessary for our body as oxisan because we made by it infect 70% part is water. When it going decrees and our body soaking it first we getting dryness on our lips and other face areas. During summer it is necessary to drink 5 to 7 ML. water in a day to avoid dehydration. It is moisture your skin n gives glow. It is so helpful to throwing toxic from our body.


  • Juices : nature provide us many products use of them is very effective and good specially during summers. Juices like cucumber, lemon, orange and water melon are good for body and skin as they increase the water level of our body and produce especial moisturizer for skin. Mix juice of tomato, carrot, beetroot and honey also a really very good option, when your skin has no glow and you suffering from dullness and unwanted scars, pimples, skin aging etc. problems just drink it only 7 days regular and see the effects, you will love your skin I promise.

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