Every person love to look good and do a lot of things regarding their appearance .Many of us went to market and buy so many cosmetic products and spent a lot of money regarding this ,but  we forget one things that these cosmetic products are made up of so many chemical which sooner or later effect your skin or other parts of your body badly but my dear friends this is not only the option you left because nature provide us so many ingredients which is very effective as well as they are so easy to use and having no side effect. Dandruff is also one of those problem which influence our appearance but friends you easily cure this problem by some very easy and simple tips. And here in this content we are going to tell you some very simple and effective tips which help you in getting rid from dandruff permanently.



-NEEM WITH OLIVE OIL-As we mention earlier in this content that nature provides us so many ingredients which effectively help us in many skin and hair related problem  So first ingredient which we are going to tell you for removing dandruff from your scalp permanently is Neem and olive oil. You just need few leaves of Neem and about 4 table spoon of olive oil.

-Crush Neem leaves well and make a powder of it , then put this powder into a clear bowl then add 4 table spoon of olive oil then mix both the ingredient well and make a smooth paste then apply this paste on your scalp, and after about 1 hour wash your hair with shampoo and after this apply condition on your hairs.


-Neem leaves have amazing anti – a fungal property which is very effective in removing dandruff and its anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties helps in removing dandruff permanently from your scalp.


-HONEY SCALP SCRUB WITH COCONUT OIL-Here in this mixture we just need 2 teaspoon of each coconut and olive oil and 2 teaspoon of honey and other ingredient which you need is 3 teaspoon of curd.

-Mix all the ingredient in any appliances like bowl ,make sure that the paste you are going to made by mixing these ingredient is of medium consistency and then apply this paste on to your scalp and massage it gently. After massaging about 10 to 15 minute it opens the skin pores and it also helps in promoting proper blood circulation. And after about half an hour wash your scalp properly and pat your hair with clean soft towel and after this apply few drops of coconut oil on your hair and scalp.

-Coconut helps in preserving the natural protein which is present in your hair and it effectively helps in removing dandruff.


-LEMON WITH BAKING SODA-You just need three table spoon of bot the ingredient which we are going to use in this paste .Lemon juice and baking soda both having so many properties which helps our hair as well our skin. Other ingredient which you need is apple cider vinegar.

-Mix all these three ingredient in a bowl and make a fine paste and then apply this paste on your scalp and after about 10 minutes you seems bit itching starts then you wash your scalp with fresh water. Apple cider vinegar works as a conditioner.

-Baking soda having a properties which helps in reducing the over activity of fungi which are the main cause behind dandruff.

-So friends try these natural tips at your home this helps you effectively removing of dandruff from your scalp.


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