Thin lips can completely spoil your look however good your features may be. It goes without saying that lips can completely transform your look. Besides, who doesn’t love to pout while clicking selfies? It’s something we all love to do. While you spend a bomb on buying the best lip balm and lipsticks in order to beautify your pout; there is nothing as good as following a few good old natural tips to get luscious lips. Are you one of those people who thought that exercises are meant to be done by your body only? Think again! We bring to you a few exercises to perfect your pout and get lips like your favorite celebrity!


Easy to follow exercises:

  • Purse your lips by folding them over your teeth such that only the outline of your lips is seen. Now smile and hold the position for a few seconds. Repeat 10 times.


  • Firmly press your lips together to form a straight line. Place a finger at both corners of your mouth and gently stretch it. Hold, relax and repeat 10 times.


  • Pout like you would while clicking selfies. Now move your lips to the right and hold for 5 seconds. Move your lips to the left and hold.


  • Pout your lips and move them as if you are trying to make the number eight. Repeat 10 times.


  • Smile as broadly as you can with your lips closed while counting till 15.


  • Firmly press your lips and lift them towards your nose. Retain, release and repeat 10 times.


  • Pucker your lips and hold in that position for a few seconds and relax. Purse your lips under your teeth and hold till 10 counts. Repeat the entire exercise 10 times.


  • Puff up your cheeks and slowly breathe out the air through your lips as though you are blowing bubbles. Do this in three blows.


  • Press your lips together and suck in the corners of your mouth in order to bring them together. Hold and repeat 5 times.


  • Love whistling out your favorite tune while working or running errands? Little did you know that it is helping tone your lips. What’s more it also helps plump your lips. It’s that easy!


Easy to follow tips:

  • Exfoliate: While we are aware that exfoliating our skin regularly is a must. Did you know that even your lips must be exfoliated? Not only does this remove the dead skin from your lips, but also helps reveal smooth rosy pink lips over time! Make your own scrub by simply mixing brown sugar with honey and massaging your lips. Alternatively you can also massage your lips with a soft bristle brush in order to increase the blood flow.


  • Moisturize: The most important step after exfoliation is to moisturize your lips! Apply a lip balm which is fragrance and tint free. Another age old remedy is to apply warm ghee over your lips before going to bed in order to wake up to soft, pink lips.


  • Cinnamon oil: Massaging your lips with cinnamon oil increases the blood flow of your lips.


  • Hydrate: Contradictory to what you might believe, drinking water is not only beneficial for your skin but is also highly hydrating for your lips.


Strictly follow the tips and exercises given above as the results will show only if you do them every day. We are pretty certain that you will get the perfect pout that will garner a gamut of compliments and enhance your beauty as well!


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