Simple Summer Face Packs For Sensitive Skin

Simple Summer Face Packs For Sensitive Skin

The face of a person qualifies the signature of an individual. No matter what, taking care of facial skin is as important as taking your food. Every skin is not the same. Some skins can take on any changes but there are skins which cannot bear even a small variation and need to be taken proper care. Especially the skin needs to be protected from sun tans and burns in summer. Preferably homemade face packs have proved to be much fruitful than chemically used packs.

Here we focus on some simple summer face packs which can be implemented for such sensitive skin.


  • Cucumber pack

You can make this pack easily at home. For this you have to extract the juice out of the cucumber and keep it aside. Take three tablespoons of oatmeal and cook it. Allow the cooked oatmeal to get cooled to the room temperature. Then add the cucumber juice to the oatmeal along with one tablespoon of honey. Apply the paste as a mask and relax to dry. After dried off, rinse your face with water.


You would be wondering why to mix these ingredients? Just to know, cucumber prevents your skin to develop acne and gives a cooling effect to the skin. Honey acts as a natural moisturizer and oatmeal helps your skin to get scrubbed thus removing the dead cells.


  • Papaya pack

Often we forget papaya to cook when kept in the refrigerator. The papaya turns ripe. Rather than wasting it preserve the ripe papaya to use it as a face mask. It is a very easy and simple process which can be readily prepared and implemented.


Take a scoop of papaya and mash it. Mix honey to the mashed papaya. A smooth paste will be resulted. Apply the paste on your face and neck while scrubbing simultaneously and allow it to dry for ten minutes. Wash it off. You can feel the texture of your skin as soft and smooth. This also moisturises your skin which is a great help in the summer.


  • Watermelon and cucumber pack

Extract watermelon juice. Simultaneously mash a piece of cucumber into a smooth paste. Mix the watermelon juice to it. Add one spoon fresh yoghurt and one spoon of milk powder to the above. Take the entire mixture and apply it on your face. Leave the paste for fifteen minutes on your face. Then rinse off with cold water.


A clear and clean moisturised skin would be observed. A regular practice of the same will give you a better and smooth skin.


  • Banana pack

While eating banana is good for health, using it as a face pack is healthier for the skin too. For banana pack, mash a ripe banana with the tip of your fingers and make it a paste like mix. Add one spoon of honey to the paste. Apply the mixture to your face and leave for fifteen minutes. Then wash it off with cool water.


A smooth moisturised skin will be readily experienced. Banana is a natural face pack which prevents the skin from any kind of irritation.


  • Carrot pack

This is yet another face pack used for sensitive skin in summer. It is very simple. Mash a carrot into pulpy mass and add one table spoon of honey to it. Rub it on the face and neck evenly. Leave it to dry for twenty minutes. As soon as it dries up wash it with cool water.


Within seconds a purely sensitive skin looks youthful and the glow of the face manifolds too.


  • Almond pack

Soak six almonds in milk or water overnight. In the next day grind the soaked almonds into fine powder adding a little bit of water. Add egg to the mix and stir well. Apply it on your face. Leave for fifteen minutes. Rinse and then pat dry.


This gives proper nourishment to the skin getting less affected from the rays of the sun.


The above are some of the simple preferences which can be used for sensitive skin during summer. Hence by putting any of these in action, you can step out in the sun with confidence

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