Simple Steps to Use Banana Peel to Treat Acne

Simple Steps to Use Banana Peel to Treat Acne

Acne is one of mazer problem in people today the try various cosmetic products and items to treat pimple but chemical make this problem bigger and worst. Some time we pop the pimple to treat them but it become worst and some time they also give scare on your face that’s looks very ugly. There are so many natural products are also available which is best to treat the problem of acne. Natural products not only treat acne well but also provide better moisture and no side effect to skin. Banana is one of best know moisturizer and skin treatment product. It will make your skin softer brighter and acne, pimple free. They also remove the acne scare and make skin naturally brighter.


Banana has many healthy benefits it’s not only good for health but also for hair and skin. It’s a naturally treatment for acne and pimple problem.


Healthy benefits of banana for skin:

  • Make skin naturally moisturize.
  • Provide natural glow to skin
  • Remove scare and pimple problem
  • Good for weight gain.
  • Remove wrinkles and aging sing.
  • Good source of potassium and antioxidant.
  • Clean your skin naturally.

So there are so many healthy and other good benefits of banana for skin.


Banana peel for treat acne problem:

Banana peel is also good to treat the problem of acne here are some simple banana peel treatment to remove acne and pimple problem.


  1. Banana peel mask:


  • 1 banana peel
  • Honey
  • A small bowl
  • Lemon juice


How to make: to make this take a small bowl and peel a banana and take the peel of this and then mash it and make thick pulp with this. Mix one tbs of honey and lemon juice and again mix this and apply this paste of face Rest for 20 min and then rinse out.


There is also various use of banana peel to treat skin problem

  • Rub peel on face: take a banana peel and genteelly run this on your face and effected area it will not only remove ace but also make skin softer and brighten and also remove all the scare form skin.


  • Use this peel twice in a week: if you want better result to treat the problem of acne and pimple then regular use banana peel and make skin healthy and pimple free. It wills also a great moisturizer for dry skin.


  • Keep the peel eat banana: if you are eating banana then always keep the peel its words great after a long time also. So next time when you eat banana keep the peel of banana save because it works great for your skin.


  • Clear the skin: it’s a great moisturizer and cleanser both. If you want to clean your face the take banana peel and apply in circular motion on skin and make your skin clear from inner side to .it will remove all the skin bacteria and make skin healthy and clean.


  • You can use this regular: if we use market chemical peel then the harm over skin but it’s a natural product and if we use this regular then it can’t harm your skin but always maintain it clear and beautiful naturally.


So there are many benefits of banana peel which make your skin moisturize, clean and pimple acne free. There are various compound found in banana which treat the problem of acne and make skin healthy and clear so next time when you eat banana then save the peel to treat your skin issue and make your skin naturally beautiful.

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