Simple (Puliohara) Tamarind Rice

Simple (Puliohara) Tamarind Rice

Significance of Tamarind Rice:

Do you ever know – we Indians are great at Kitchen? After sensing the Tamarind Rice, our moms and grandmoms are the first to stand in the queue of Kitchen Masters. Yes, unless any kitchen recipe Tamarind Rice could be stored for a long time without refrigeration, even for a month (but we never give that chance) if prepared properly. Here, we have two types of preparation- one with simple household and easy, another with extreme grandeur especially prepared for meetings and special occasions. It is also called as Puliogara/ Puliotharai / Puliohara- Puli means Tamarind.


  • Recipe 1

Simple Household Tamarind (paste) Rice


Cooked Rice – a bowl

Tamarind – the quantity as much as you like sour

Bengal gram – 2 teaspoons

Curry leaves – ½ teaspoon (powdered)

Asafoetida – a pinch

Onion – 1 large piece; chopped

Garlic – 1 full garlic; peel the outer layer

Mustard – ½ teaspoon

Dried red chilies – 1 or 2 (add more if want spicy)

Fenugreek – ¼ teaspoon (if powdered, better)

Turmeric powder – ½ teaspoon

Coriander – 1 teaspoon (powdered)

Oil (Olive or Other/ghee) – 3-4 Teaspoon

Salt – as desired



  1. First, clean the required Tamarind and remove the seeds.
  2. Soak the seedless Tamarind in ½ bowl of hot/ normal water and leave it for 20 – 30 minutes.
  3. After 30 minutes, smash the tamarind. Be sure that the solid tamarind should become lump less liquid. The tamarind liquid should not be so watery and so thick. Now, the tamarind paste is ready.
  4. Now, heat the pan and add 3 tablespoons of oil and allow it to heat.
  5. Add the mustard, Bengal gram, dried red chilies and curry leaves powder.
  6. Immediately add the chopped onion, garlic pieces and coriander powder with asafoetida.
  7. Mix well. When every ingredient got well fried, add the tamarind paste to the pan. Add turmeric powder and salt.
  8. Mix well and add the desired amount of salt. Stir well and leave it for 3 minutes.
  9. Make sure that the burner is medium. Stir well again. The water in the tamarind paste will get dried and the continuous stirring will make the paste to a soft semi – solid brown chocolate coloured mixture.
  10. Make sure that the water was fully dried and the tamarind was fully fried. Smell it for confirmation.



Leave the paste to become warm. When it losses heat, store the tamarind paste in a pet jar using a spoon. Do not use fingers to store.


Take a bowl of cooked rice and add a spoon of tamarind paste that was prepared. Mix well and serve hot with coconut chutney.




  • Recipe 2

Famed Tamarind Rice


Seedless Tamarind – as much desired ( soak in hot/normal water for 30 minutes)

Mustard – ½ a spoon

Dried red chilies – 3 pieces

Coriander seeds- ½ teaspoon

Fenugreek – ¼ teaspoon

Sesame – ¼ teaspoon

Bengal gram – 3 teaspoons

Nuts (as desired) – Ground nuts, Cashews, peanuts, almond pieces.

Raisin- (if desired)

Coriander leaves – a handful

Garlic – 1 fully

Oil (Olive or other/ghee) – 4 spoons

Turmeric powder – ½ teaspoon

Salt – as desired.



For frying:

Heat the pan and add 3 spoons of oil and heat. Add mustard, curry leaves, red chilies, coriander seeds, fenugreek, sesame and Bengal gram; mix well; fry well in more oil. Then slow the burner and powder the mixture.


Tamarind paste:

Smash the soaked tamarind and be sure as the paste is not so watery and not so thick as solid.


Tamarind Rice:

  1. Heat the pan and add 3 – 4 spoons of oil to it. Add mustard, 1 sliced red chili pieces, all the nuts, raisin and garlic.
  2. Mix well and fry well. Be sure that the burner is very slow. Add the powdered ingredients to it and mix well. Oil should not be less. Add a pinch of asafetida powder and turmeric powder.
  3. Then, add the raw tamarind paste and the desired amount of salt to it.
  4. When the raw fragrance was not smelt, make sure that the tamarind was cooked well.
  5. Add the coriander leaves finally to garnish.
  6. Add a bowl of cooked rice and mix well.
  7. Serve hot. No side dishes are needed for the tamarind rice. Add coconut chutney if desired.

Or store it for days you like.

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