Simple Pimple Treatments for Oily Skin

Simple Pimple Treatments for Oily Skin

Flawless, shine, clean and beautiful skin is always everyone attraction and its also include in to healthy skin. But some time due to so many thinks like pollution unhealthy diet we face so many skin problems. Most of people who have oily skin mainly face so many skin problems like pimple and acne. Too much oil on face attracts the dust and pollution and the result is these unhealthy and unwanted dust particles enter in over pores and create the problem of pimple. It’s too difficult to avoid the problem of pimple if you have oily skin. But there are so many simple and effective treatment are available which helps you reduce this problem and make skin smooth and scare, pimple free it will also helps you to close the pores.


Treatment to treat pimple on oily skin:

Lemon juice: we found vitamin c and rich amount of antioxidant in lemon. We also found bleaching agent in this and it’s too good for skin. To remove pimple from oily skin it will play best role because it will clogs the pores and stop the process of excess oil production. To apply this on skin take a lemon and squeeze it and dip a cotton ball in lemon juice and apply on effected area and rest for whole night and at morning wash out regular use of this can make skin glowing and reduce the problem of pimple.


Cucumber: cucumber is also good for skin we found vitamin E, A in this ad also found soothing agent in this which make skin pimple free and clear. We also found magnesium and potassium in this which is very good for skin and make skin beautiful. To apply cucumber on pimple take a piece of cucumber and rub on effected area and rest for whole night and at morning wash out it will also reduce the pimple pain and scare.


Garlic: garlic is so good for health and skin also to treat the problem of oily skin pimple it will play a best role. We found various antimicrobial and healing properties in garlic. To apply this on pimple take a piece of garlic and crush it and apply directly on pimple and rest for 20 to 30 min and after that wash out your face. You can see amazing effect on pimple problem.


Tea tree essential oil or Lavender: it’s also one of effective and best treatment to treat pimple and effective to. To apply this on skin take lavender or tea tree essential oil and mix little bit of water in this and make a thick paste with this and apply on pimple and rest till it dry and then rinse out after 20 min. it will treat the pimple and also make skin smooth and remove the dead skin from face and make skin pimple and scare free.


Green tea: green tea is so good for skin and healthy to. We can drink much time green tea to make yourself healthy but its will play also a best role to treat the problem of pimple and make over skin glowing and beautiful. To apply this just frozen the green tea and when it will frozen then rub the frozen green tea on face and rest after rubbing for some time and after that you can see amazing effect on pimple problem and it will make you skin pimple free and beautiful


So these remedy are so effective and work well on pimple problem and also reduce the scare of pimple and it’s also effective to close the open pores and reduce the amount of excess oil on skin and make skin problem free and beautiful.

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