Simple Makeup Tips For Fair Skinned Beauties

Simple Makeup Tips For Fair Skinned Beauties

Fair skin is the just like a dream of every woman. All of us tend to make our skin look fair using various makeup products. But the ladies who already have fair skins, having perfect makeup is usually a tedious task that require much move attention that any other skin complexions. Little bit imperfection can either make your skin look, dull, rough, pale or gray. So for fair skins it is very important to opt makeup products quite carefully so that you can have your fair skin glowing for long time. We are sharing some important tips that will help you flawless makeup anytime yourself.


Best Makeup Tips For Fair Skin:

Foundation Selection

The word “foundation” itself defines the importance of makeup foundation for attaining perfect looks. It is the base of your complete makeup that will make your skin look adorable. Most of the ladies make wrong selection of their foundation and thus have a makeup disaster. For fair skin beauties it is better to find neutral shade without any undertone. Choose the shade that is closer to your skin tone. Don’t neglect to just pick the product and waste the money, first test it at small portion of your skin so that you can have the best suited foundation for your fair skin.



Several spots, ugly moles or even small flaws become more visible on a fair skin. So for ladies with fair completion it becomes necessary to use a concealer to have a clear skin. Moreover, with increasing age or in case of weakness our blue veins become visible on several areas of our face. So to hide all such things a yellow concealer works the best for fair skin. Although you should opt concealer that is one shade darker than your skin tone. So for fair skin one shade darker becomes yellow.


Eye Shadow

For fair skin beauties it is advisable to use brighter colors in eye shadows. Blues, silver, greys, purple, greens and browns look adorable on fair skins. These eye shadow hues will complement your complexion as well as your overall makeup.



For fair skin women, it is always advised to stay away from light eye makeup. In case of eyeliner, same is applicable. You should use darker eyeliner shades like dark brown, rich black or any dark shade that is usually one shade darker than your eyeshadow. It will make you look pretty.



Blush is an important makeup product especially for fair skin women. As foundation and concealer can give you a pale skin tone. So add a soft shaded blush to your makeup kit as it is going to give your face a fresh and healthy looks. For fair skin rosy, peach, apricot or light pink blush shades work perfect. You need not to use heavy blush rather just use light coat over your cheeks to give a natural looking reflection of color on your face.



Add some glow to your fair skin using a good quality bronzer. Apply the bronzer over your cheekbones, nose and chin. This will make your skin shine and look attractive.


Lip Makeup

Lip makeup is another important part wrong selection of which can spoil all your makeup efforts. Although most of the lip colors suit on fair skins. But for a perfect look, you can try corals, rich red, peach, pinks and nudes with dark undertones. These shades will work best on fair skin ladies. You should avoid using neutral lipstick or lip gloss shades since these can make you look sick or dull.


These were some simple tips for fair skin beauties. Hope these tips will help you in achieving perfectly flawless looks.

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