Simple Home Remedies To Treat Sunburns

Simple Home Remedies To Treat Sunburns

The direct exposure of the ultraviolet rays can damage the skin in unimaginable ways. One of the damages caused is sunburn. It is a kind of burn that is caused as a result of excess expose of the UV rays affecting the living tissue of the skin. Sensitive skin is prone to the UV intensity. This is followed by dizziness and fatigue. Extreme cases lead to pain upon touch.

This needs regular treatment after a day’s work. Homemade remedies are always the best. Here we delineate some of the remedies that can be fruitful for preventing sunburns.


Potato juice:

It is the easiest and most effective remedy which can mitigate sun burn. You can make use of a grater or a blender as per your suitability. For grater users, you can grate the potato well, to extract the pulp. Now the pulp is to be applied on the burns but make sure that you are extracting as much juice as possible.

If you are using a blender then wash the potatoes and cut into small pieces without peeling off. Blend the pieces so that a clear paste will be obtained. If you need the paste to be little more liquid in nature then you can add water and blend again. Apply this composition on the burns directly with a cotton ball. Or else you can soak a gauge cloth with the paste and put it on the burn. This will give more effectual result.


Cornstarch with cool water:

This remedy can also be easily availed and gives a quick recovery from sun burn. Take a bowl and put cornstarch as per your requirement. For larger burns put more cornstarchs. Pour cool water into the bowl containing cornstarch while simultaneously stirring the mixture. Take note that you are using cool and not cold water. Stir till you get an even paste.

Apply this mix on the burns and leave to dry for fifteen to twenty minutes. If the heat does not go off within this time span then you can keep it for more minutes. When dried completely, rinse off with water.


Mint and tea leaves:

For burns especially sun burns, mint is the best medicine. When mint is mixed with tea, the combination is remarkable in itself. The process is a little hectic one but gives positive result.

Boil water in a pan. In another container add five green tea bags with the tags and threads removed and three to four cups of mint leaves. The leaves should be fresh as the cooling effect will be more obvious. Add the boiled water to the container and cover up. Allow it to stay covered for at least an hour. Make sure that the mixture is completely chilled. Thus take cotton balls and soak them with the mixture applying on the burns. If you do not have green tea bags then you can also use black tea.


Aloe vera:

Aloe vera has always been in positive picture regarding burns and injuries. It stands same for sun burns too.

Take a medium sized leaf of aloe vera plant and cut right through the middle. Put the halves on the burns till it gets cooled off. Also you can carve the juice out of the leaf using a spoon or knife. Extract as much juice you require into a small container and then apply the same on the burns. Allow to dry and then wash it off. You will feel a cooling effect after doing this and gradually the sun burns will refrain.


Sun burn is an obvious burn. To reduce the effect you can practice any of these remedies. Along with that you must drink lots of water and keep yourself hydrated enough. The burn gets severe if the skin dries up or your body gets dehydrated. Hence be friendly with water and keep your body stirred up with this compound whenever you are outside in the sun.

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