Simple home remedies to get beautiful naturally

Simple home remedies to get beautiful naturally

Everyone’s dream is to get beautiful and healthy skin and people do so much effort for healthy and beautiful skin. Some of them go to parlor and try different skin treatment. But if you really want to get beautiful skin without too much effort then you have to try homemade remedies for healthy skin. Beautiful skin enhances your beauty and also increases your confidence. So there is not any need to spent lots of money on various skin treatments. You can use different type of products like papaya, lemon, cucumber etc. Here are some tips to make your skin glowing and beautiful.


  • Cucumber:- Cucumber help to make your skin glowing and radiance. For that you just have to take a cucumber and cut it into small pieces. After cutting it blend it so that you can easily extract its juice. Collect this juice into a bottle b using cotton and add two tablespoon of honey. After all this apply this to you’re after by using cotton and you will immediately noticed the amazing effects of this remedy.
  • Papaya:-As you know about the papaya and how much it is beneficial according to health but you can also use it for applying on the face for the glowing skin and its regular use is also help to decreasing the spots. To get its benefits you just have to take a piece of papaya and gently massage it on your face for 10-15 minutes. After that leave to as it is. After drying you can wash your face with water and you can see the benefits of this. This is very beneficial for the dark spots by which various people affected.
  • Scrub: Scrub is mainly help to removes the dirt and makes your face clean and clear. It is must to apply scrub after 15 days which is very beneficial for the skin especially when if you use homemade scrub. For that you can mix salt with olive oil and gently massage it on the skin. This can remove dead skin from face.
  • Lemon & honey:Take two tablespoon of honey, water, and lemon pulp with four tablespoon of clay. Apply this mask on face and leave it for 15 minutes for better results. Take warm water and waste it off.


Eye care:

Most of the people are tensed with the dark circle which is common problem nowadays. If you want to get rid from them here are some simple ways which are very beneficial for you.

  • Potato: Take a raw potato and cut it into round slices so it can cover your eyes. Leave it for 10-15 minutes for the relaxing and removing the dark circle. Use this method for few days you will notice the benefits of it.
  • Cucumber: Take a cucumber and peel it of f and cut it into pieces so that you can apply it on your face and makes your eyes relax.
  • Coconut oil : you can also know the amazing benefits of coconut oil and you can also apply it on your dark circles you will definitely get the benefits of this.


Lips care:

Lips are also most noticed and attractive part of the face. You want to make them beautiful then follow this.

  • Mix Olive oil, sugar, and honey and apply it your lips this will help to make your lips soft and beautiful.


body care:

Now its time to talking about the whole body skin, if you want to makes it soft and beautiful then these tips are most working for you.


  • Olive oil: Take some olive oil and massage it on your feet and on your hands so that you can easily get soft and beautiful skin.
  • Banana: Take a banana with 3 tablespoon of sugar and you can also add some essential oil with it. Apply this mixture on your body and take a shower of warm water.


These are some remedies for your skin so that you can easily get the beautiful and healthy skin with the simple and easy ways.

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