Simple Coffee & Cinnamon Body Scrub for Soft and Supple Skin

Simple Coffee & Cinnamon Body Scrub for Soft and Supple Skin

Coffee is one of my favorite home ingredients, not because it helps me to wake up at late nights and make me fresh when I’m feeling tired but it has more potential for done more things. Do you ever thought ‘Coffee and Cinnamon’ it is a great combination for scrub. Yes these are flake off dead skin, exfoliate and make it soft and supple. How! I will tell you.


Very few ingredients you need to make it-

  1. 3 table spoon Coffee powder
  2. ½ tea spoon Cinnamon powder
  3. 1 spoon Olive oil
  4. 1 spoon White sugar

How to prepare-Take a bowl and mix all the ingredients together, do not make paste with that. Apply the mixture on your face and entire body to remove dead cells and having such fair and clean skin. Do apply every day before you going to take bath.


  • This scrub is especially for dry skin. if you have dry skin then you should apply this remedy for get relief from skin dryness and dehydration.
  1. 2 spoon Cream
  2. 1 tea spoon Coffee powder
  3. 2 pinch of Cinnamon powder
  4. ½ spoon Crushed black sisamum seeds

How to prepare-Take a bowl put into whipped cream, add into coffee, cinnamon powder and Crushed black sisamum seeds, Mix all the items well and rub on your face and other body parts for 5 minutes. Do not rub it as much as you get redness on your face. Rub gently and only 5-5 minutes in every part. You will do apply it in night before sleep. Wash your face with the lukewarm water, do not use any face wash or soap to remove it. Sleep long and without any stress of work because a good sleep heal your entire skin problem and makes your skin supple and ductile.


  • Vanila and coffee scrub: vanilla has lot of useful contain which gives you a soft skin.
  1. Vanilla Brown Sugar
  2. Crushed Coconut
  3. 1 tea spoon coffee
  4. 1 spoon Olive oil

How to prepare -Thisvanila brown sugar-coffee scrub odour’s absolutely wonderful. It not even removes black heads and sun ten but also stripping your skin hair. Take a Bowl and put into each ingredient and mix well, rub your face slowly and gently, after 5-6 minutes leave your face like that and wash after 20 minutes. Touch and feel your skin, now it can turn into skin like baby having; soft and supple.



  • Coffee-egg-yogurt scrub: this is something your entire body needs. Every problem of your skin this face scrub can heal very magically. It’s like magnet which pulls out all the skin impurities out from your skin. Every ingredient you can get from your home kitchen easily.
  1. 4 spoon Coffee
  2. 1 egg white
  3. 1 spoon fresh yogurt
  4. 2 pinch of cinnamon powder
  5. Brown sugar
  6. 5 drops of coconut oil


How to prepare:Easy to prepare and so effective to get soft skin. It not takes so much time and money to prepare just need some love and little afford and it will be ready to use.

Take a bowl put into coffee and egg white plus yogurt mix it after mixing add sugar, cinnamon powder and coconut oil into the mixture and mix again. Apply on face and rub softly in circular motion. Wash your face after 10 minutes.


Having supple and soft skin is not so far from your reach. Just pick some ingredients and make yourself your personal scrub, apply and have such softy-softy clean skin.

Hope my remedies is useful for you to reach you goal of supple and soft skin.

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