Simple And Effective Tips To Take Care Of Your Permed Hair

Simple And Effective Tips To Take Care Of Your Permed Hair

Everybody wants hair. But main thing is that if your hair is making you stylish or not. So it is very important to manage your hair well. Sleek and straight hair impresses everyone at a first look. But sometimes you feel very embracing to look your frizzy hair. You do a lot of things to repair it or sometimes you want to cut it off. But this is not a solution. There are lots of factors like stress, medical illness, dandruff, high sun beams, and pollution which can damage your hair. So it is very essential to take care of your hair. Your diet should be enriched in all nutrients which your hair essentially need. To manage your hair style is also important for your impressive look.

Perming your hair is going very popular in these days Because for this you need to be involved in so many hair heat treatment. But actually what is the perm? You should know some basic things about that. Our hair contain some bonds or cross linked structure with each other, due to which it goes wavy or you might have some curls. So perming is a process in which some chemicals are used to break these bonds to give you a permanent wave. This procedure refrain your cross linking to your hair. By perming you can avoid a very time consuming heat treatments. It is very important to pay a proper attention after perming your hair, as a lot of chemicals or reagents are applied for this purpose. Due to use of these harsh chemicals your hair may dry and fragile. So if you would like to protect your hair from not being unhealthy, you need to follow some special precautions especially for some days. These hair need more attention than your normal hair. So it is always advisable to take certain precautions after perming.

Today in this article i am going to tell you some special and effective tips to take care of your permed hair.


How to take care your premed hair-

  1. Avoid washing your hair-

As in perming process several chemicals are used on hair. So it need some time to set your curls. These chemicals can only be effective if you stay it from water. So avoid washing your hair for some couple of days. I agree that it may lead to you some itching, but this is truth. So never think of washing your head for at least 3 or 4 days. This will give your chemicals a sufficient time to set up your curls.


  1. Avoid hair straightening creams:

Perming your hair can give you a extra stylish look. So during this process never apply these creams on hair. Hair straightening products can damage your curls. Also protect your hair from hot dryer. Because hot blow can make your hair dry and frizzy. It can spoil your perms so avoid these products and tool as much as possible.


  1. Conditioning and oiling:-

During perming your hair pass through different harsh chemicals. These chemicals draw moisture from your scalp and make it dry. Dry hair may create some problems. Hair get weak and dull. And in this way you lose your natural shine. So it is very essential to provide hair back an enough quantity. Use of oils and conditioners can be the best solutions for this situation. Conditioners not only give your hair an enough moisture but also make it shiny. Conditioning can be very helpful to manage your hair look. So switch to conditioners along with oil after perming your hair.


  1. Carefully combing your hair.

Permed hair need more precautions than normal hair. So never run your comb so fast because due to this hair may break. Comb your hair smoothly. You can run your fingers in to your hair before combing.


  1. Give an air dry to your hair.

As permed hair can lose their shape by some heat. So always give air dry to your hair instead of using blow dryer. Hot dryer can spoil the exact shape of your permed hair, so always keep this point in your mind.

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