Side Effects Of Laser Hair Removal Process

Side Effects Of Laser Hair Removal Process

Have you ever heard about laser? Laser is a particular kind of light having only one wavelength. Since ordinary light contain different colours but laser is a monochromatic since these lights are not found in nature and are artificially prepared. These lights have high penetrating properties, so are widely used for cutting or drilling.


Uses of Laser:

Besides of its use in industrial world, they are widely used in medical fields. Laser is a best option for reduction of unwanted hair on skin. Although it is true that hair are the essential part of our body. Everyone wants naturally good and beautiful hair, but sometimes growth of hair on your some body parts may be a serious problem. If you try to pluck them off it will grow again.

Actually the growth of hair depends on hormone secreted from glands. If a woman produces a less amount of estrogens then some male type signs can appear on her body Like growing of hair on unwanted body areas like face, legs, underneath arms or on bikini lines. You have to shave it regularly. So if you are fed up with waxing or shaving and wants permanent reduction of unwanted hair then laser is a best option for this purpose.


Effects of laser treatment:

Laser is a treatment that is used for removal of undesired hair on your skin. These rays goes deep underneath your skin and remove hair from its roots. Hair on face or arms can damage your beauty, so it is very necessary to clean them. Sometimes you feel very embracing by looking your unwanted hair. You often try to shave it, but it is not a long lasting option.


How laser works-

Laser treatment is usually done by a plastic surgeon. Its penetrating effect is very high. It goes deeper to your hair roots and destroys it easily. Laser beams has an ability to destroy some specific particles. It affects the Melanin in your skin. Melanin generally exists in our skin and is responsible for imparting color to our skin and hair. Laser rays can be very effective for removing your brown or dark hair because black particles can easily absorb laser beams. Due to absorption of these beams by hair follicles, roots of hair get eliminated. Laser light burns your dark colored particles instead of burning your rest of skin.  Since this is a very convenient method to remove hair, so going very popular now a days.  However efficiency of laser may depend upon its intensity and speed. But laser is a very suitable trick to remove unwanted hair.


Side effect of laser hair removal:-

Since laser is very effective in reduction of unwanted hair but there are lot of side effects of using laser beams on skin.

  • Laser beams produce heating effect. It burns the roots of your hair. But due to some improper care it can burn your skin too. Patients having dark skin are expected to have this side effect frequently, as dark pigments of your skin easily absorb these rays. A number of cases have seen of this side effect.


  • Laser rays have high penetrating power. Prolonged exposure of these rays may result in several skin disorders. It can damage your skin tissues and may cause of skin cancer. While using it on face, it can be harmful for your eyes. Your eyes can be injured by prolonged exposure of it. So appropriate precautions should be taken during this treatment.


  • In many cases a swelling is also observed around follicles after the treatment.As these rays produce a heating effect so your skin may turn in red spots after its treatment.Itching is also being reported in laser hair removal process.


  • Laser rays can cause hyper pigmentation. It occurs frequently on those patients who had done some treatments before and had dark skin. This is very common side effect of laser treatment. However this effect is not so permanent and can be reduced.


  • Numbness and pain around treated area is also the most common side effects of using laser hair removal treatment.


So there is no doubt that laser treatment of removing hair can give you a long lasting result. But it should be noted that it is a permanent hair reduction process not a permanent removal process because there is some possibilities of regrowing some hair again

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