Basic Description:

Today’s era is of new trends and fashion. New generation always wants to carry some cool and different looks daily. And for the sake of new looks they are ready to do whatever the possible they can bear. Fashion and style are the basic thing followed by every age group. There are so many treatments to improve the quality of hair, but everyone needs to be very care, one among the treatments is hair smoothening.


Don’t go crazy about fashion:

Fashion has a new style every now and then but, it is sometimes dangerous and precautions need to be taken. Hair straightening is the latest fashion, but harmful chemicals used in this process damages the roots and makes the hair dry and frizzy. Young girls and boys are always seeking new styles and hair treatments to change their look and makeover. They are really unaware about the solid chemicals that are mixed and give a temporary satisfaction. The long term effects of the hair straightening are still worse because it produces heat and chemicals which are susceptible. Reduction in hair damage can be done and this can be controlled by using some products that give silky and shiny hair.


Fashion must not be the only thing for consideration.

Straightening can be done permanently or temporarily even and along with straightening irons or dryers are used. Temporary straight damage the hair by excessive heat used for straight hair while permanent straight hair is really harmful because of the chemicals applied on hair for hours. This can be done in salons and many people does it at home as straightening is easy and can be done on a regular basis if its temporary.



The side effects observed with this process is that the hair becomes brittle and dry because of chemicals used in this. In extreme cases, hair can be burnt also. The negative effects are much higher than what people think about fashion and styling done is relatively of no use because of these side effects. If the hair straightening process is done at home, then a better way to use dryer or iron machine is recommendable which has a non sticky surface and doesn’t damage hair as compared to other process.

Allergy is the main side effect observed when it doesn’t suit and chemicals used are excessive and imperative. If the product really doesn’t suit the skin, there are chances of allergy where one may face severe problems. Branding is very important whenever some products are used for skin and hair. As low brands are available in the market and tend to produce negative results. Dryness is observed because the natural moisture is missed out every time a person uses dryers or unnatural ways. The main focus of adults and youngsters is to look different, but considering it when tuning for different style, it becomes boring at times. A person who is actually looking for a change every now and then, will be bored with the same style until the hair grows to its normal way. Hair fall is the other side effect noticed at this end so careful measures are taken when styling hair.



It is observed that dryers and iron machines are used in a proper way while straightening because the heat produced must be acceptable. So always make a testing while using these products. Brand products are used so that they do not damage the hair. Shampoo and conditioners can be used for dryness purpose. Hair treatments which are necessary must be done to protect the hair from thinning and breakage.

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