Fashion attracts everyone’s eyes and is followed by every generation. Fashion has its own meaning and its own value to each and every one of us. Straight and smooth hair is one such among today’s trend which has grabbed most attentions of teenage or we can say of fashion lovers.

There are several methods that can be used to smooth and silky hair. Hair gets damaged by using such methods which consist of chemicals and affect in the near future. People with dry and frizzy hair get bored of their hair after every wash because this again means that the hair will be rough and frizzy. It is very difficult to manage at times so smoothing and straightening is best options an individual prefers while not considering their side effects.

Although natural hair in smoothing become silky and shiny due to chemicals there are natural ways to smoothen the hair gradually. So, while considering the permanent hair, smoothing and straightening the side effects are mentioned as below.


  • Nausea, dizziness and eye irritation:The chemicals used in smoothing process are dangerous while not choosing the right brand and product quality. The material and the chemical cause nausea while treating inappropriately. It is observed that burning sensation can be felt in the eyes if the chemicals are strong enough.


  • Chemicals modify the hair cells :With the chemical that is used in smoothing process, it can be dangerous as they are strong enough to change the hair texture with the type of hair. The hair cells can be damaged and a situation arises when the chemicals affect the root of the hair. Hair cells get permanently damaged and the new hair comes out to be weak and unnatural. These are dangerous and they modify the cell by reacting into scalp and leads to seep into the body with the help of the scalp. The root cause of the hair is due to different types to methods and even some spas which deeply store in the scalp.


  • Serum can turn the hair oily :The hair serums which are largely being recommended possess a negative result when it is overused and the hair gets damaged due to serum. Oily hair may sound unfashionable and they are out of style. Hair becomes oleaginous and serum flattens the hair with braid. Serum doesn’t always result effective while the application does matter a lot. Serum on wet hair can be advisable, but on wet hair serum acts like hair oil applied directly. These hair serums shall be used effectively and properly by individuals and hair stylists.


  • Affects fingers :While using smoothing method, the muscles get weakened and extensive use can be harmful in the future. Hair smoothing process is a time consuming process that can be altered by different stylish but the efforts needed in this process consumes time and energy subsequently. The hair can be inflamed from the mid of the scalp and a tendency to get damage hair can be caused.


  • Thin hair :It is largely observed that using some products that have a chemical’s effect a lot in future. The natural way can be used as eggs and olive oil are best for naturally smooth and straight hair. Due to chemicals, the hair become weak from root and they tend to detach from the roots in future. This is a serious problem that cannot be left aside.


This hair treatment leaves hair smoother and silkier than before without changing the natural type of hair and it has side effects too. Do choose a good reputed salon for yourself so that they don’t mess up the procedure in any way or don’t use any sub standard quality products.

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