Shampooing your hair is one of the important works which is done by everyone daily. But everyone doesn’t know the proper way of doing this due to lack of knowledge. These simple tips also help you to get beautiful hair.

Here are some simple tips which you want to follow for healthy and gorgeous hair.


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  • Try to avoid warm water: – Usually people think that hot water is good for their hair but it is not true warm water decreases the natural oil of hair. So always use lukewarm water for your hair which is best option for you.


  • Always use natural and mild shampoo: – Different types of shampoos are available in market but they contain harsh chemical which damages your hair which results you want to face many kind o hair problem. To protect your hair use mild or natural shampoo and also use different types of homemade remedy to make your hair shinny a looks gorgeous.


  • Take shampoo in a proper amount: – Some people thought that too much shampoo is used for cleaning their hair but it is not true, taking extra shampoo ca damages your hair. So always take proper amount of shampoo.




  • Conditioner: – After shampoo your hair also need conditioner for silk and soft hair. So apply conditioner after using shampoo. But you can also massage your hair with hot oil which is also a natural conditioner.


  • Brush after drying hair:- use of brush on wet hair can damages your hair which results hair fall, so dry them naturally which is much best option because regularly use of dryer and electronic products can only damages your hair.


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  • Minimize your shower time: – if you are taking shower for log time then it makes your hair hard and fizzy. Si if you want beautiful hair then it is must to not to exceed shower time more than 15 minutes.


  • Do not rub: – do not rub wet hair with towel because it makes your hair weaker and ca damage your hair. So it is not a right way, let them dry naturally.


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These are some simple tips which usually people forget but if anyone follows them it can give them great benefits. You just only need to keep some things in your mind to make your hair beautiful without any effort.

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