Short hair style

Short hair style

Today everyone follow a busy schedule so they have no time to take care over hair. So mostly people have carry short hair to get rid of this problem. The cut there hair short to save time but some time the follow so many problems with that which is related to their hair style. Mostly people think that with short hair you can’t follow any type of hairstyle but that’s not true. You can also carry so many different type of hair styles in short hair. These all hair styles are so simple and easy to manage. This hair style is mostly suits on short hair.


Short hair hairstyle: – short hair styles are so simple and easy look. You can do so many types of experiments with short hair look and also get everyday new look with short hair also. Here we are going to teach you so many different types of regular short hair hairstyles.

  • Straight hair: – it’s a simple regular look for all short hair.

How to straight short hair:-

  • Start with washing hair properly.
  • Dry all hair. And apply some hair gel on hairs.
  • Straight all hairs with straighter and spray some hair gel to set all hair properly.



  • Spike hair: – it’s a different look for short hair. And looks attractive on any type of short hairs.

How to spike short hair:-

  • First start with spray some gel on hair.
  • Set all hair in some different direction.
  • And apply some gel on hair and set them for last long.



  • Front puff in short hair:- it’s a looks which people think that only long hair can carry but that’s not true you can also make puff hair style on short hair.

                 How to make short hair puff:-

  • Start with giving bounce on hair.
  • Start from back and spray some gel.
  • As same do with front hair.
  • Comb all hairs on back direction properly and spray some gel to set them.
  • Softly comb hair back and set them properly.



  • Flower side decor hair style: – its party or wedding hair style for short hair.

How to make flower side décor hair style:

  • Start with comb hair properly.
  • Next side swept flip.
  • Take a beautiful flower clip.
  • Comb one side hair back and separate with flower clip.
  • Gave a good bounce on back hair with the help of dryer.



  • Front curly: – apply curly on front hair and its give a fine look party style hairstyle.

           How to make front curly:-

  • Comb hair properly.
  • Take a dryer and give bounce to front hair and curly them on back.
  • It’s not a proper curl look simply it’s a bounce on front hair to give attractive look
  • Separate these curly on back with the help of Barbi pins.



  • Curly hair: – it’s also an attractive look with curly hair.

               How to curly short hair:-

  • Start first with comb your hair.
  • Take a curly machine and take one flicks of hair and curly them.
  • Do same with all hair flicks.
  • Apply some hair spray gel on curly hair to set them last long.



  • Wavy hair look: – it’s a trendy fashionable hair style for short hair it’s so easy to carry.

       How to give wavy look hair style on short hair:-

  • Wash hair first.
  • Comb and dry them properly.
  • Take some hair gel and apply them on hair.
  • Crush hair lightly for wavy look.
  • End with some spray gel to set hair style for whole day.



  • Front braided look:- if you want a perfect braided regular and casual look then it’s a best look with front braided

How to make front birded:-

  • Start with comb your hair directly.
  • Take front hair and divide into three parts.
  • Make a simple regular birded on front and take all front hair separate in this.
  • Clip this birded on back to fix that.



  • Front twist: – it’s an also a easy hair style for short hair.

How to make front twist:-

  • Comb hair first.
  • Take two flicks from front and twist them together.
  • At end separate them on back with barbi pins.
  • Take some from hair up of clip and hide this.
  • Apply some hair spray gel and finish.




  • Front hair with Bangs: – it’s also looks so attractive style on short hair.

            How to make front bangs:-

  • First start with giving bounce on back hairs.
  • And front hair can set on front prow.
  • End with some hair spray.



  • Wavy with band:- it’s a party hair style for short hair and also give a natural look on everyday style to.

How to carry wavy with band look:

  • First apply some hair gel on hairs.
  • Give little bit twist on hair with curly machine.
  • Set all hair and apply a beautiful band on hair properly.



  • Highlighting hair: – if you have short hair it’s also aggregate option for you. It will give you a trendy look with highlighting on hair.

How to highlight hair:-

  • First decide which color suites on you.
  • Take some color which you chose and apply on front hairs,
  • Wash it after some time.
  • Apply some hair spray and get a trendy stylish look on short hair.




  • Side twist: – it’s a one side twist look for short hair.

           How to get side twist hair style:-

  • Start with comb hair properly.
  • Make a Side-Swept Flips
  • Give wavy look to all hairs.
  • Take some hair from front on side. Twist them and separate on back with pins.



These short hair hairstyles are so popular and fabulous to look its give you so many ideas to take a new look with short hair. It’s easy to get this hair style in less time.

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