Shimmery eye make up

Shimmery eye make up

Whenever we want to go out in a party or any other place the first thing comes in mind what to wear for the particular occasion. Which type of dress and make up suits you most? This is the most important question especially for the girls. Makeup is to enhancing your beauty of your eyes, lips and face. So if you really want to make your eyes more beautiful and attractive, you can give your eyes different type of look like shimmery eye, Smokey eyes etc. Here we describe how to make your eyes beautiful with shimmery eye makeup.


How you can get shimmery eye?

For the shimmery eye look, it is must to know which shade is suitable for your complexion. It is not must to use dark shades for the eye makeup, you can also use light color for the stunning look. Light colours are good for both night or day and you can also use shimmery look for both time.


How to make up your eyes?

• For the any type of make up the first thing you want to do is to apply foundation, but try to use matte foundation. Otherwise you will look too shinny.

• It is not must to use dark colour for your eyes like black, brown etc. You can also look good with light colours eye shadow.

• Colour like pink, green, blue, silver and golden looks great as a shimmery eye shadow.

• If you are really confused with the colours then bronze colour suits you best whatever your completion.

• As we know black and brown eye shadow goes well with all type of complexion. So you can apply it to the outer corner of your eye.

• You also can use mascara for your eyes to make your lashes more thick then they are.

• Do not use dark colour shimmery make up for your eyes because light colours gives you graceful look.

• But remember when you use shimmery eyes make up, use light colour lipstick for your lips or lip gloss.

Shimmery eye makeup gives you stunning look, but you only want to keep some things in your mind and look gorgeous with this look. Choose light colours for the shimmery look which is best for the regular look or party look also. So next time goes with the shimmery eyes make up.

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