Serotonin Rich Foods

Serotonin Rich Foods

Basic Description :

Serotonin is a type of hormone which frames between the digestive tract and the brain, it also used to work as the neurotransmitter. The primary role of the Serotonin is to give help when you feel calm and anxious, which causes the blood vessels to be narrow and it also promote our sleep.

The people which have low levels of serotonin mainly suffer the diseases like insomnia and depression or may be these both. Serotonin is basically a chemical that a body of human contains.

There are many varieties of foods which are reaching in the serotonin and there are many others also which are reached in the substances which increases the level or the production of the serotonin. There are many other methods also to increase the level of serotonin like take supplements, drugs and medicined to boost up your serotonin. If you don’t wish to go up with these artificial methods, then there are other methods also to build up your serotonin.


Why Include Serotonin In Your Diet :

Serotonin is very much responsible for the maintenance of good mood and lack of this can take you to the situation of depression. For the transmission the signals between the nerve cells and also body process are regulated properly due to presence of serotonin.

Blood platelets, brains and bowels are the main center for the production of serotonin.


Eat carbohydrates don’t avoid them :

Tryptophan is in the protein that is a big amino which converts into the serotonin in our brain. Tryptophan dones the best work when it is consumed with a small conjucntion of the carbohydrates, like the scoop of the brown rice, a handful of the nuts, or some tablespoons with legumes.


Benefits of Consuming Carbohydrates :

These complex types of carbohydrate are very essential in helping our brain completely to process the tryptophan in the protein. Vegetables can also be a great source of the carbohydrate, so eating them will also give a great benefit to you. So don’t avoid them in a much bad way and also don’t eat them too much always eat them accordingly to your doctor’s advice, it will definitely give a benefit to you.


Proteins and Oils :

Serotonin, which is made by the body is naturally called 5 HTP, and which is made in the tryptophan. It is naturally reached in many proteins like beans, eggs and fatty fish like salmons, herring and the sardines. The richest source of the 5 HTP is in the African bean Griffonia.

The flaxseed oils contain both these tryptophan and the omega 3 fatty acids, that are important to our cardiovascular body. According to health, fitness sites on muscles shows that the people which takes a few spoons of the flaxseed oils are improving their serotonin.


Vegetables and fruits :

Serotonin is naturally in the fruits and vegetables like in the plantains, kiwi fruit, sour cherries, tomatoes, pineapples and the plums. Sour cherries or the tartare reached in a high amount of the tryptophan and it also makes the DHEA, which is an crucuial hormone that builds up melatonin and also helps the body to take restful and a deep sleep.


Those people who eat serotonin reach fruits and vegetables is mainly to the scope of increasing the serotonin level of their body, which make them sleep deeper and better. The muscle health, fitness experts recommend that eating the sour cherries early before going to bed or taking the melatonin supplements, that are found mainly in the vitamin aisle of the stores increase your serotonin in a great way.

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