Secrets To Dewy Skin All Year Round

Secrets To Dewy Skin All Year Round

Want a beautiful and ramp radiant skin, but how! There is no secret my dear beauties, just a matter of care, They Do and you don’t. That’s it. Just start loving yourself and treat yourself like a star. Modals, actresses always look stunning even when they don’t apply make-up. Because there skin is perfectly healthy, a healthy skin always attracts.

Let’s take a revolution that now every day you will start your day with some of good care of your skin and try to make it healthy like you want to see yourself.


  1. Start your day with Workout or walking: Walking and having a habit of some workout not only makes your body fit and healthy, but also it can throw all the toxins and impurities out with sweat and make your skin clean, beautiful and healthy.


  1. Always do follow CTM routine: CTM routine is Cleaning, then toning and in the last segment moisturising. Do every day this skin care routine for pleasing skin. first of all select good products according to your skin types then diurnal clean your skin with cleanser and toner and do not forget to apply a good moisturizer every day for getting dewy skin for long lasting.


  1. Exploitage only that products which have shimmer particles contain: Illuminating particles makes your skin shine and sparkle. Always apply branded primer to high light your make-up. A good primer is the base of the make-up and whenever you go out always apply fountain, which must be match with your skin colour.


  1. Always carry petroleum jelly: Petroleum jelly is one of the best product of skin. This is so natural and safe and wrathful for every situation. If you gets skin rashes, tearing and cracked skin then just apply it and leave it will do give you soft and supple skin in return in very few days. Vaseline can be applied in daily routine moisturising and skin protection beauty needs. Remain your skin feeling and looking soft and healthy with the amazing product Vaseline.


  1. Care of your lips: lip is softer part of our body so never apply anything just for fun or under the pressure of fashion. Do lip care every day. Apply natural home-made Lip mask on that and give well moisturization on that.


  1. Planed diet: A healthy and well planned diet routine always makes lot of effects on your skin health. Don’t eat oily and spicy food and avoid street food because that is so unhygienic. Add lot of veggies on your diet menu especially green vegetables.


  1. Drinks: drink 7 or 8 litre water every day and drink only fresh fruit juices not packed preservative makes with artificial colours. It will harmful for your health. Avoid soft drinks and hard drinks too.


  1. Natural face masks: As far as possible always try to apply natural and home-made products and face packs. Natural thing always work wonderful and safe. It has no harmful chemical so if you have dedicated or oily skin you can use it with risk.


  1. A Bountiful sleep: A healthy body and brain needs perfect sleep. Partially sleep only creates lot of problems; you feel all the time tired, irritability and compromise with beauty like under eye dark circles, that fresh look gone etc. so do sleep at least 8 to 9 hours every day. And walk up with fresh look and smile.


Before apply anything always read the instructions and remember its expiry date. After expiry date please does not use the product because it can be harmful to your beautiful and stay healthy.

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