Sandalwood or chandan is one of the best available ingredient which nature provide us and which effective in curing all your skin problems You can use sandal wood in several ways and it helps you in many skin related problem like it helps you in controlling oil secretion, dryness of skin, pimples, dark circles around your eyes, and many more.One important property of sandal wood is it provides your skin an instant glow which is one of the most desirable characteristic of every single woman wants. Cooling and Soothing property of sandal wood enhance your skin texture and its appearance.



Sandalwood is considered as a one of the most effective skin care. We can use sandalwood in form of either powder or oil but avoid apply sandalwood oil on your skin. Sandalwood is used mostly in cosmetic industry to prepare different cosmetic products like cream, lotion, soaps powder and many more .But because these cosmetic products contain some very harmful chemicals which can be so harmful for your skin and lead into many skin troubles so if you want to use sandalwood its better you can use sandalwood with some other natural ingredient which are really safe and works wonders for your skin. Sandalwood really effective in removing skin problems such as dark spot, acne, and sun tan. Sandal wood helps your skin tone and it also provide fair and glowing appearance which attracts others and enhance your appearance. You can reduce problems like acne, pimples while using sandalwood.



SANDALWOOD POWDER AND ROSE WATER– As we discuss earlier that sandalwood is very effective for rejuvenates your skin and also provide you fair complexion. Sandalwood suits for both skin types oily as well dry skin. Person having oily skin can use sandalwood with rose water.

-Make a thin paste by mixing two table spoon of sandalwood powder in rose water and before apply this paste on your face .First wash your face properly with clean water and after that apply this paste on your face and properly .Let the paste dry and after that wash your face with water and enjoy the wonders of this face pack.


SANDALWOOD POWDER WITH HONEY AND TURMERIC-Like sandalwood turmeric also having anti-microbial properties and combination of both sandalwood powder with turmeric makes an effective solution from skin problems like acne, dark spots and improve your skin complexion.

-Make a combination of two tablespoon of sandalwood powder with 1 tablespoon of turmeric and 3 tablespoon of honey .Mix these ingredients well and make smooth paste. And apply this paste on your face and neck properly and after about half an hour wash your face with cold water and enjoy the wonders of this paste.


SANDALWOOD POWDER WITH MILK-Both sandalwood powder and milk contain properties of skin lightening and if we combine both of them it enhance its properties and provide you an instant fairer and glowing skin.


SANDALWOOD POWDER WITH GRAM FLOUR- Combination of sandalwood powder with gram flour gives you a perfect face pack which helps your skin appear more fresh and glowing.

-Mix two table spoon of sandalwood powder with one table spoon of gram flour and little amount of water or you can use rose water as well. First mix them well and make a smooth paste and then apply this face pack on your face properly and let the paste dry and after 20-25 minute wash your face with water.

These are some really beneficial face packs of sandalwood which helps your skin in lot of ways and provide you a healthy and flawless skin.

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