Remedies to improve hair texture

Remedies to improve hair texture

We all love beautiful healthy and strong hair it’s a beauty  for all people and we can only achieve a best look if we have healthy and strong hair which looks so perfect and give you a perfect amazing look. Today at market so many different type of products are available who promise to give you thick hair but when we use these products we found no effect and the will also make hair rough so its best that we use home remedy to treat hair and home remedy can works great on hair and also improve the texture of hair and make hair soft and smooth also. They also cost nothing and give effective result rather than market products that just only harm hair and make them rough and none shine. There are so many products are available which works best for hair thickness some produces and their use is given there.


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Different remedies to improve hair texture: – there are so many different home remedies which make hair strong and improve the texture of hair.


  • Egg– egg contents so many benefits and minerals and vitamins which are good for hair. And the protein contends in egg help to thicker hair faster and also makes hair long and strong.

How to use—take two eggs and broke it and pour this into a bowl and then Wisk it properly after whisking it properly. Apply this egg on hair and rest for 30 min after this time wash hair. You can also use this by mixing olive oil in this and apply the same process and after that wash with shampoo. You can use this formula twice in a week for better result and this will give you effective result on hair and make hair texture thicker and stronger or shine.


  • Castor oil–castor oil have rich amount of vitamin E and fatty acid if we use this regularly then it will make hair shine strong and thicker. It will increase hair growth faster.

How to use–take castor oil and lightly warm it after warm mix some tablespoon of coconut oil in this and mix it well. Apply this oil on hair and message for some time take massage from the pores of finger after 20 min massage you can take a towel and wet this in warm water and band all hair with this as a spa treatment and rest for 30 min after that rinse out hair with using shampoo and for better result use this twice in a week and make hair thicker and stronger. This is also a simple way to make hair thicker and strong soon. After using this you can see amazing result on hair.


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  • Avocado–it will give volume to hair and make hair thicker faster we found rich amount of vitamin E in avocado which is very good for hair.

How to use–take a avocado and mash it and make smooth paste of this and then also mash one banana in this mixture and then mix 2 tablespoon of olive oil and mix it well and after that apply this mask on hair and rest for 30 min till scalp observe all the vitamin and then rinse out with little warm water. You can also make different type of hair mask with this to make hair texture strong and thicker. You can use this remedy twice in a week for better result.

Regular use of these homemade remedies can give a magical effect on hair and make hair shine and thick naturally.


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