Rejuvenation Face Masks

Rejuvenation Face Masks

Hey Friends do you suffering from Wrinkles, Pimples, Stress, Fatigue, Sinus, and then this is the time Rejuvenation. We all are super busy to doing over works and studies, so being care less we look older then we are. This is really not good. Time to pamper your skin now, here I’m telling you some amazing tips of getting Rejuvenation.


  • Before apply anything for getting glow you must do one thing, always clean your face with water and a gentle face wash. Never apply soap on your skin it may be gives you dryness which is not good for your skin.


  • Do not scrub too much. Avoid harmful cosmetic products.


  • Always protect your skin and hair from ultra UV rays. It can gives you acne and make it worst.


  • Drink lots of water and fresh juices for getting more glow and shimmer on your face. Avoid oily, spice junk food, Smoking and liquor to be healthy.


With some useful and must do instructions if you apply these face packs, then just be ready to get lots of compliments.


Honey-Banana-Almond face pack: For take a quick Rejuvenation this is the one of my favourite remedy, you must have try it at least once. Take a ripe banana, mash it off put 1 tea spoon of honey on it and 2-3 soaked and outwear almonds. Make a paste with the ingredients you can put some raw milk too into the paste it will gives you moisture to your skin. Set it on your face and leave for 20-30 minutes. Wash your face with the cold water. Do repeat this remedy every couple of the day.


Pomegranate-Oatmeal face pack:this is so effective for dull skin. if you get sun burn, sun ten this is the full proof treatment to get relief from that. Take 2 table spoon Oatmeal, add Pomegranate juice on it make a paste and apply all over the face. Wash it off as well this is the real Rejuvenation face pack recipe.


Chocolate-Strawberry face pack: Chocolate Strawberry sounds awesome combination to eat but it can do many more things even that, it can do wonderful effects is you apply chocolate-strawberry face pack. You need for this 5strawberries, 1 tbsp. cocoa powder or melt chocolate and 1 tea spoon of pure honey. Blend all strawberries and make a smooth puree. Add melt chocolate or cocoa powder and pure honey into this puree. And then apply this face pack on all over the face and leave it for 15 minutes. Wash it off with cold water and get dry for gorgeous, beautiful and glowing skin.


Apple-black grapes face pack: these are most basic fruits which everybody loves and it can easily available in market and marts. For overnight Rejuvenation this is a perfect choice. Take a ½ red apple, 10 Black Grapes, ½ tea spoon pure honey bland all the mixture together and make a paste. Apply on the face and leave till it gets dry. This face pack for all skin types. Just do repeat 2 times in a week for get better result.


Mango-Sandalwood powder: ’Mango’ we call it ‘The king of fruits’ too, here if we talk apart from its extremely delicious taste, it has also a rich contain of essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals, which makes it a great option for making face packs. Take a ripe mango, chop it into slices, take half bowl of mango slices, bland it and make a puree, add 1 tea spoon of sandal wood powder on it and mix it as well, apply it on the face for 30 min. it will nourish and hydride your skin from roots.

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