Rejuvenation face masks

Rejuvenation face masks

Face masks is the easiest remedy to get instant glow and remove dead cells. Well do you know your face packs what things will do for you?

Sometimes we use so many years a particular face pack for our face and skin, and think that only this will suits on you and only this can make your skin good. No! First of all you need to know your so called perfect face pack is actually working for you or not. Using a product so long sometimes nothing makes any difference so you do have to try something else too. Face packs is for your skin rejuvenation so it’s has to be a great effective remedy for your skin to boost it on the way of glow.
I have a list of the name of highly effective and transforming face packs:


  1. Masurdaal- Almond’s face pack: in the all Indian kitchens pulses are used as the most consuming thing. Masur daal is one of them. You can identify it by its sweet pleasant colour; it comes in light red colour. It will works for all types of skin, but if you have oily skin then it will give you more effective result by the time you will see the difference.


Ingrediance you need:

  • 2 spoon of Masur daal (before use soak it in water in 1 hour)
  • 2 Almond (overnight soaked)
  • 1 tea spoon wheat flour
  • 5 spoon of raw milk


Take a soaked Masur daal and almonds and mash it so well and make a thick paste, add into wheat flour and then some milk as require and flit the mixture again, leave it for 10 minutes. Between this you wash your face and get it clean, then apply Masur daal face pack on face and neck. Leave it for 25 minutes and then ash off with the cold water.
it’s so effective if you got dark spots and fickle, that will be disappear after 4 weeks of use. Do repeat twice in a week for better result.


  1. For Dry skin Butter-wheat flour face pack: if you have dry skin then try this once, then you can’t stop yourself to apply this mask again. Very few things you need to make
  • Butter – half tea spoon
  • Wheat flour – 1 tea spoon
  • Fresh Lime juice- 2 tea spoon
  • Soaked chesew 3-4 (soak it at least 20 minutes before use)
  • Raw potato juice- 1 tea spoon


First of all take a potato and get some juice of it and take it in the freedz to be cold. And take a bowl and put wheat flour, butter and lime juice and mix it, chesew has to be soft and then make paste of chesew and butter, put the paste in to the wheat flour’s paste. Mix all the ingredients together and don’t forget the tomato juice and at the last add that juice as the need quantity because face mask has to be thick. Then apply the mask on the face and wash if off after 30 minutes. Do repeat once in a week.


  1. Honey-Papaya face mask: this face mask is for all skin types. If you have acne problem or dark spots then you should use every AlterNet day for best result.
  • Ripe papaya
  • 2-3 drops of pure orgenic honey
  • Lemon juice
  • Cotton balles


This is so easy to make. You just need ripe papaya and put it into the blander, add some honey on this and make a thick paste, if you think it’s not so thick and can’t stay on the face you can add some sandal wood powder on this, it’s will be thick. At the same time take some lime juice and apply on the face with the help of the cotton and then after 2 minute apply papaya face pack on the face. Lime juice work as the cleanser and make your skin tight and glowing. Do apply twice or thrice in a week.

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