Receding Hairline cause and treatment

Receding Hairline cause and treatment

Age factor is a thing that matters to everyone. At some stage we start thinking when we realise that we have started aging. The first is indicated by hair loss. Fall of hair can go unnoticed if the hair re-grows. But when hairline is caused then you need to raise your eyebrow a little. This comes due to continuous hair loss.

We are here to discuss on the causes and treatment of hairline which is commonly found in both men and women. Hairline is noticed when a gradual loss of hair occur. Hair will start to be losing from the sides of the temple forming a letter M. This issue of hairline does not occur in a day. It takes ample time to develop and can be avoided if spotted at the right time.


Causes of hairline:

Hairline is not caused due to a single reason. It may vary from person to person.

  • Excessive production of DHT:

Dihydrotestosterone, commonly known as DHT is a sex hormone in men. The excessive production of DHT includes many side effects in men from which hair loss is one. The continued heavy production of the hormone may affect the hair follicles in such a way that a hairline is caused.


  • Inherited genes:

Receded hair line is mostly inherited from the genes which are a part of hormonal disorders. Individuals with receding hairline may be found to have a gene known to be Androgen Receptor (AR). The gene shows receding hairline if it is present strongly in the gene. This can be seen in teenagers too. It passes from parents to offspring.


  • Age:

It is a common cause found in both men and women. Hair thinning starts at a tender age and if not taken care at the right time, thinning comes to hairline. Most men suffer from this issue at the age of early thirties.


  • Medications:

If you are under regular medications and chemotherapies then you are mostly liable to hairline. The medications which include vitamin A can be the cause for such hair loss condition. At some point you may be treating the body for cholesterol and blood pressure which can ultimately give way to receding hairline.



Treatment of receding hairline:

Early indication of hairline needs urgency to be avoided. Here are some of the treatments which can be selectively implemented by folks.


  • Take proper dietary supplements:

Hairline can be prevented by giving you a proper hair growth. Taking the right food can cure you of the issue. The lost hair can be recovered with the intake of fish. Fish is enriched with omega 3 fatty acids and major portions of proteins. This can also be supplemented by eggs and meat. Also include iron rich food in your diet. Avoid taking excess sugar and have ample amount of nuts and fruits.


  • Use alcohol free hair products:

To eradicate hair loss, buy those hair products which are alcohol free. Alcohol induces dryness and speeds of the process of hair fall. Hence such products which are alcohol based should be avoided.


  • Take a cool hairstyle:

If you have receding hair line, then apart from maintaining the above, get yourself a cool hairstyle which complements with the hairline. In that case, the loss of hair will be patched up. The hair style is to be maintained neatly too. Hence use a good shampoo which enhances the hair thickening process. Do not forget to use a conditioner.


Hair transplant is another treatment but sometimes it goes in vain. It is costly and sometimes the effect can be reversed. The process is quite complicated and may aggravate any scalp infections. So it is better to follow the natural treatment of hairline to avoid the complications.

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