Reasons You Should Add Pineapples to Your Beauty Routine:

Reasons You Should Add Pineapples to Your Beauty Routine:

As everyone knows, the sweet, juicy and tangy taste of Pineapple will drive anyone crazy. Not only that, since this fruit is rich in Vitamin A, it acts as an anti-fungal and anti-bacteria agent and reduces the risk of inflammation. Above all, do you really know that pineapples can do wonders for your beauty? Yes, of course, Its Vitamin C nutrient allows you to have a glowing skin and fairy complexion. So, let’s check out few benefits of Pineapple fruit when taken in a regular basis.


Benefit 1: Get fair quickly:

The presence of bromelain enzymes will make your skin fairer. Thus the juice of pineapple will make your skin hydrated, provides elasticity and removes unwanted dead cells and keeps your skin so fresh all time.


Benefit 2: Beautiful nails:

Pineapples help you to keep your nails free from brittleness, dryness and damage. Its Vitamin A and Vitamin B nutrients gives you shiny and healthy nail as anyone may wish to have.


Benefit 3: Prevents pimples:

Nowadays, most of the teenagers suffer from pimples and acnes. Thus, taking pineapple juice everyday will keep you away from pimples and acnes. Also, you can get quick relief from pimples when you continuously apply pine apple juice on face and clean it with fresh water.


Benefit 4: Keeps you young:

As pine apple juice is rich in anti-oxitants, it keeps you young and glowing. A few drops of pine apple juice applied daily will make your skin young and acts as a best anti-aging agent.


Benefit 5: Get amazing feet:

Pine apple are amazing to give a crack free foot. When you apply pineapple crushed along with 1 lemon, ½ apple, grape fruit, salt and anise, will heal your cracked heals and gives you glowing feet when you rinse it off.


Benefit 6: Reduces weight:

This is the most important benefit and most expected benefit of Pineapple. A bowl full of pineapple on daily basis will definitely help you to shed off extra weight your body carries.


Benefit 7: Promotes eyesight:

Pine apple which is rich in Vitamin A and beta-carotene will help you to improve eye sight. Also, it helps to prevent macular degeneration which causes loss of eye sight at old age.


Benefit 8: Keeps bones strong:

Pine apple that is rich in Manganese will help you to keep your bone very strong. A glass full of pine apple juice will provide your body around 73% of manganese that is very necessary to have strong bones and teeth.


Benefit 9: Keeps cold away:

Any person will become drowsy and ugly when he gets cold. Of course, it makes anyone sluggish, lazy and tired to complete even a small daily task when he/she has cold. Thus, the only solution for this is to take Pineapple at a regular basis to avoid cold totally. At your surprise, you can watch your body will develop strong immune system as far as you consume more Pineapples.


Benefit 10: Improves oral health:

Of course, pine apple improves your oral health making your teeth and gums stronger. We all know that teeth play a major role in everyone’s beauty. Thus, when you take pine apples regularly, you will develop a strong oral system that is free from tooth loss, cavities and other oral problems. Thus, in other words, eating pine apples will always make you smile.


Benefit 11: Prevents dark spots:

Pine apple juice is an excellent treatment for preventing dark spots. Rub pine apple slice all around your face especially where you have dark spots. Then wash it with fresh water after 5 minutes. You can see amazing effects when you try this tip.

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